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Selected Discography

 The Lounge Lizards
EG Records (1981)

 Steve Piccolo - Domestic Exile
Materiali Sonori (1982)

 Steve Piccolo’s Domestic Exile – Adaptation
Materiali Sonori (1983)

 Lounge Lizards Live 79-81
label: ROIR (1983/85)

 Steve Piccolo – Hilarity Workshop
Underground Records (1997)

 Bitter Pill
Cox 18 Sounds (1999)

Temposphere 2004

 Sound Fetish
created for WPS1 broadcast at Venice Biennale 2005

Limited edition for book by Nathalie Du Pasquier 2006

 The Box Man
by CrowdofOne - Rai Trade 2007

 Bang Bang
Undo.net, Province of Milan, 2008

Tracks on anthologies – compilations

 This is my Story
Sony (1997)

 State of the Union 2
Atavistic (1999)

Casio-Fridge (1999)

EMI (1999)

 State of the Union 2001
Electronic Music Foundation, 2001

 Elliott Sharp Radio Hyper-Yahoo
Zoar Records, 2004

 Technical Breakdown
AUX, Copenhagen, 2006

 Circo Inferno Cabaret vol. 3
Felmay records, 2006

 Bit Beat
micromusic compilation - To Lose La Track 2007 (Audioglobe)

 Wurmkos in Concert
Wurmkos Milan 2007

 135 Grand Street New York 1979
SoulJazz Records 2010

 The Best of Temposphere
2009 Temposphere Records

album of remixes of Soslo project by Painé Cuadrelli and Sergio Messina - 2011

Contributions and appearances

 Massimo Volume – Club Privé
Mescal (1999)

 Gak Sato, Tangram
Temposphere (2001)

 Gak Sato, Teorema - Tangram
Temposphere (2001)

 Sounds of Sunset Beach
Neverstop Music, Standard Sounds (USA, 2001)

 Gak Sato - Exercises
Temposphere - Vitaminic

 Mamadì Kabà - Farafinà Todì
African folk tales set to music - 2001, Harmattan (Italy, France)

Neverstop Music, Banana Republic (USA, 2001)

 Altera – Canto di Spine
Fermenti Vivi, Sony (2001)

 Paolo Bragaglia - Kinomuzio
Fridge Zone - Sony Publishing (2002)

 The Mongo Hotline
Green City on CD with Mixmag (Sept issue)

 The Platinum Compilation
Green City in Gak version with Steve on vocals is also on the American Express Platinum CD (2002)

 Spontaneous - Painè
title track sung by Steve

 Helèna - Per conto mio
Sugar 2004

 El Muniria - Stanza 218
Homesleep Records 2004

 Luca Gemma - Saluti da Venus
Ponderosa Music 2004

 Gak Sato - Informed Consent
Temposphere 2005 - now on iTunes and eMusic

 Fujiwara vinyl ltd. ed.
limited edition

 Simone Massaron - Breaking News
Long Song Records, 2006

 Spirits Up Above
Splasch 2006 - Tiziano Tononi, Daniele Cavallanti, s.guest William Parker

 attenzione! uscita operai
banda putiferio, noreply 2008

 Em/Pyre by Elliott Sharp
RES 2008

 Timeless Sonic Factory
Theremin - the way I feel by Maurizio "ErMan" Mansueti (Funky Juice 2009)

 Gak Sato, pieces for Giuliano Fujiwara

 Medicine Show vinyl
A Constructed World

 Portraits - Le Grand Escroc

Bootlegs (authorized)

 theboxman (2004)
csoa garibaldi


 Massimo Volume – Da qui
Mescal (1997) (with Kaba Cavazzuti)


 135 Grand Street New York 1979
SoulJazz Records 2010