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A Conversation with Stefan Kalmar and Richard Birkett
dal 29/3/2011 al 29/3/2011

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A Conversation with Stefan Kalmar and Richard Birkett

CCS Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, New York

Speakers Series

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Each semester the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College hosts a regular program of lectures by the foremost artists, curators, art historians, and critics of our day, situating the school and museum's concerns within the larger context of contemporary art production and discourse. Lectures are open to students and faculty, as well as to the general public, and will also be documented through video and/or audio recordings, which will reside in the CCS Bard Library and Archives. Stefan Kalmar, Executive Director & Curator of Artists Space, has held positions as Director of Kunstverein Munchen (2005-2009), Director of Institute of Visual Culture, Cambridge UK (2000-2005), and Curator of Cubitt Gallery, London (1996-1999). Richard Birkett is Curator at Artists Space, New York, having taken up the position in late 2010. He studied Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art and Goldsmiths College, London, before running non-profit gallery Whitechapel Project Space in London for six years. During this time he also organised projects as part of the Serpentine Gallery's public program.

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dal 21/6/2013 al 19/12/2013

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