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Chto Delat?
dal 1/2/2011 al 4/3/2011

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Chto Delat?

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Chto Delat?

Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

48 hour seminar-commune and Learning Play Where has Communism Gone?

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Obshezitie or seminar-commune is a series of 48 - hour seminars initiated by the Chto Delat collective and the Socialist Movement 'Vpered'. Set up in 2009, the seminars are dedicated to the idea of political subjectivation through collective practices. They are aimed at breaking the conventional formats of discussions and conferences to promote a dialectical, conflictual and personal relationship to knowledge production. An enormous number of events occur within cultural and political spheres that aim to address ideas around collectivity and the politicized subject. Lectures are read, seminars are conducted and exhibitions installed, but at most of these events, nothing is really at stake; there is no feeling of a shared struggle and no sense of solidarity is established. Obshezitie intends to change this! The seminar urgently addresses the questions 'What is Communism?' Is there a need to revisit this ideology? Is the communist model relevant to contemporary cultural practices? Join us at SMART Project Space to think, discuss and live together for two days which will culminate in the public performance of a Learning Play. Participation is free but demands full involvement for 2 days and includes an overnight sleep-in at SMART Project Space.

Gabriel Lester
dal 2/11/2012 al 29/12/2012

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