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Sound performances
dal 10/3/2003 al 11/3/2003
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SMART Project Space

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Sound performances

Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

First evening of a monthly series in which the barriers between music and art will be explored.

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Tuesday March 11, 20.30 hrs. sound performances at Smart Project Space

First evening of a monthly series in which the barriers between music and art will be explored.

Lawrence Dubrovich
New York composer, and occasional DJ, living and working in Amsterdam. Currently he is establishing a new label for experimental music. For this program he will present an improvised orchestration/re-assembly of found sounds and field recordings, some edited and altered. These elements are reduced to narrow frequency ranges and re-set into a unique harmonic and acoustic structure. Low-tech.

Kapotte Muziek
Founded in 1984 by Frans de Waard and Christian Nijs. After Nijs left in 1987 to become a rock guitarist, de Waard kept Kapotte Muziek going as a studio project until this very day. In 1993 Peter Duimelinks joined forces with de Waard for an extensive tour in the USA. In 1995 they asked Roel Meelkop to join Kapotte Muziek for live performances. Since then Kapotte Muziek exists on two levels: the studio project, run by Frans de Waard only, and the live project with the three aforementioned members. As a studio project, Kapotte Muziek is concerned with recycling used sound material into a new product. Most of us would now call this 'remixing'. As a live project, Kapotte Muziek uses everyday sounds to make collages/soundscapes, with an emphasis on listening to sound itself, rather than to any preconceived ideas. Pre-recorded environmental sounds are mixed with sounds generated by the live manipulation of found objects, mostly found in the vicinity of the location of the performance. Kapotte Muziek has toured extensively in this formation in Europe, America and Japan. Since 1997 Kapotte Muziek has done several workshops, in which the participants are introduced to the musical methods of the Kapotte Musicians.

Date: Tuesday March 11
Location: Smart Cinema
Time: 20.30 hrs.
Entrée: 5.50 Euro's.
For information contact Alice Smits

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SMART Project Space
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Gabriel Lester
dal 2/11/2012 al 29/12/2012

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