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Filmmakers present

Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

A series in which film-and videoartists present their work.

comunicato stampa

A series in which film-and videoartists present their work.

Tuesday April 1, 19.30 hrs.
Jan Ketelaars has studied at the Vrije Academie in The Hague. He has directed short experi­mental films and documentaries. As an editor and producer he has worked on many documen­taries. Paul van den Wildenberg has studied at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. He directed documentaries and also worked as a director of art programmes for the National Dutch Broadcasting Company. Both are teachers at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), Faculty of Art, Media and Technology in Hilversum. They have collaborated on several films, of which they will present the following:

Wasteland-The Hill and The Pit (45 min., German, French, Italy, 2001, DV, English subtitled). This documentary presents a double portrait in bringing together two places violated by man: the slag heap of a former coalmine in the Borinage of Belgium and the quarry of a lignite mine in Hambach in Germany. Uit/zicht (A Dutch Day) (18 min., Croatian, 2002, DV, English subtitled) A fiction film about a displaced man in a house trailer in the rain.
Terrain Vague (45 min., 16 mm, 1992, b&w, English subtitled) A cinematic voyage through the periphery of Amsterdam, the frayed zone of transition between city and countryside. In the terrain, the fields, parking areas, along railway embankments and at industrial sites the filmmakers encounter city nomads, allotment gardeners, pony clubs, clay pigeon shooters, dog trainers and much more.

Wednesday 23 April, 19.30 hrs.
Jean-Pierre Sens In his films rhythm is the important constitutive element. In each work he tries to reflect his own experience of time in the film recording, and later in the editing. In Berlin Afterimages for example, which is a portrait of the artist Ulay, a filmic approach is taken that gives expression to the rhythm and the movement of the city. His work with film expresses his interests in real logical time, observing a subject in a given time frame, by using different speeds of recording and film techniques or by editing in the camera during shooting. Jean Pierre Sens will show a selection of his films, amongst others:

Chance Meetings 3 (1979, 5 min. 16 mm, b&w, silent) In this film the camera becomes a rather pushy 'persona'. It moves through an empty street and seems to search for a subject. When the occasion arises in a meeting with a family, the camera is pushing itself to them aggressively. The presence of this 'observer' finally disrupts the natural course of circumstances.

Jeroen Eisinga makes since 1993 short experimental films characterized by a simple narrative structure. His works can be viewed in relation to a similar sense of poetry and humour found in the films of Marcel Broodthaers and Bas Jan Ader, and the early work of Bruce Nauman. In Eisinga's work language likewise plays an important role, as does the registration of an action performed in front of a camera without an audience. Recently Jeroen Eisinga travelled to Kenya to shoot a film with a dead zebra in the leading role. The resulting film Sehnsucht will be premiered on this evening, along with a selection of earlier works.

Sehnsucht (2001, Kenya, 16 mm transfer to dvd) In a closed barn somewhere in Kenya, a dead zebra lies on the floor surrounded by five 16 mm cameras operated by remote control. Every camera is equipped with a wide angle lens through which one can see the whole zebra from different perspectives. The cameras record the zebra drying out and crumpling up in single frames over the period of months it took the carcass to decay. The effect of interval recordings results in an impression of rapid and impossible deformation and the pattern of black-white stripes on a black and white tile floor constantly changes form.

Tuesday April 1 and Wednesday April 23, 19.30 hrs.

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