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Sound performances
dal 28/4/2003 al 29/4/2003
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Sound performances

Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

Mutant Data Orchestra/Ultra Milkmaids. A monthly series in which the boundaries between music and art will be explored.

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Smart Project Space presents an evening with sound performances

A monthly series in which the boundaries between music and art will be explored.

Tuesday April 29, 20.30 hrs.

Mutant Data Orchestra, MDO consisting of the twin brothers John (modified electronics) and Mark Bain (architectural acoustics, sound processing), rewires the products of digital society to expose the hidden agents within. Through live circuit modification of digital answering machines, cheap digital toys, sound instruments and keyboards, the performers manipulate the data pathways and 'bend' the sound without the use of a conventional software interface. The sonic generators produce shards of noise with auto-improvised stabs of pitched chaotic interplay. It is a constant struggle between the man and his machine or composer and instrument, where the machine disobeys and has a mind of its own. At times one can hear this intermeshing of data as a liquid waterfall of sonic information.

Ultra Milkmaids started in 1993 in Dijon, France as a 3 member hard-core noise band. In 1994 they began making 'electronic' music, and between 1995-1998 their sound can be described as melodic, ambient and atmospheric, releasing records on Noise MuseuM, Staalplaat, and Drone records. In 1997 one member left the group which since then was formed by twin brothers. Over the last years their 'milky' sound, created through numeric bugs and errors resulting from recordings, has become more rhythmic. Recently they released records on the German label Ant-zen, and engaged in many collaborations as with Celluloid Mata, Telepherique, Thruston Moore (Sonic Youth), Imagho, Cornucopia.

Price: 5.50 Euro

For information please contact Alice Smits

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Gabriel Lester
dal 2/11/2012 al 29/12/2012

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