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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge / Charles Atlas
dal 28/3/2013 al 30/3/2013
projections 2 to 8.30 p.m. friday, saturday and sunday

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Carole Haensler Huguet

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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge / Charles Atlas

Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneve

Performance and screenings as part of Electron, Geneva's festival of electronic cultures

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As part of Electron - Geneva's festival of electronic cultures - the Centre d'Art Contemporain tribute to two major figures of the New York's' musical, performative and cinematic scene. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Charles Atlas have known how to get through epochs and styles without ever being influenced by the mainstream tastes but by continually reinventing themselves while staying true to their freedom of expression and to a total autonomy of choice. Two exceptional guests, who both, with different artistic practices, have known how to cross three decades of music: from the 80's experimental artistic scene up to now. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is an artist, performer, musician and precursor of industrial music centered on deviant themes, such as prostitution, pornography, occultism or serial killers. Charles Atlas has been a pioneer figure of film and video for more than 40 years, he has extended the limits of these mediums, forging a new universe composed of a great variety of genres, stylistic approaches and techniques that had a considerable impact in New York's artistic universe. Performance friday 29th of March, 8 p.m. in english. Free admission.

Steven Claydon
dal 16/9/2015 al 21/11/2015

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