The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA
New York
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Christoph Hochhausler - Benjamin Heisenberg
dal 24/11/2013 al 24/11/2013
ore 19

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Christoph Hochhausler - Benjamin Heisenberg

The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA, New York

Modern Mondays

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The second evening of Modern Mondays, with Christoph Hochhausler and Benjamin Heisenberg, onNovember 25 at19h. In conjunction with Berlin School: Films from the Berliner Schule, filmmakers Christoph Hochhausler and Benjamin Heisenberg talk about their influences, their work, and the difficulty of grouping a loose association of contemporary German auteurs under the rubric of the "Berlin School". Though varied in their preoccupations and strategies, the Berlin School filmmakers tend to be united by an interest in writing and criticism; Hochhausler and Heisenberg discuss the publication Revolver, of which they are co-editors, and its role as a hub for conversation, discovery, and debate. The event will take place at The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2.

Susan Howe and David Grubbs
dal 30/11/2015 al 1/12/2015

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