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Richard Neutra in Europe
dal 20/8/2010 al 19/10/2010

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Richard Neutra
Iwan Baan

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Richard Neutra in Europe

Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel

Buildings and projects 1960-1970

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Between 1960 and 1970, i.e., in only ten years, the US-based architect Richard Neutra (* 1892 in Vienna, † 1970 in Wuppertal) realized two housing developments and eight villas in Europe, four of which were located in Switzerland. Three further Swiss projects were never built.

Developed on the basis of an abundance of materials – including large models commissioned especially for this exhibition, as well as historical photography, plans, drawings and other documents from the Neutra estate in Los Angeles – the preparation for the exhibition has provided an important opportunity for pioneering and groundbreaking research that promises to esta- blish a new chapter in European architecture history.
Through new photography, also produced especially for the exhibition, the Dutch architecture photographer Iwan Baan contributes his view of Neutra’s European buildings in today’s current context.
The exhibition was prepared for the Museum MARTa in Herford, where it has been open to the public since May 2010. Eventually the show will travel in the USA.

It was during the last years of his life that Neutra was not only able to realize four houses in Switzerland, but also to plan a series of further projects here. Through these projects Neutra developed and maintained many diverse contacts – especially in relation to Zurich.
Exploring the special relationship of Neutra to this country and the significance of this period to his life- work creates a compelling basis for presenting this exhibition in Switzerland.

S AM links national and international architecture with current topics of social relevance, invites interesting and prominent persons to Switzerland and encourages discussion and further development of both the practice
and discourse of architecture. Through its travelling exhibitions S AM also ‘exports’ Swiss cultural production
to be seen in international contexts.

Image: Bilder, Department of special collections, Charles E.Young research library, Ucla / Iwan Baan, Amsterdam

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