The Invisible Dog Art Space
New York
51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
1 347 560364-1
Ian Trask and David Wampach
dal 18/10/2010 al 18/10/2010

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The Invisible Dog


Ian Trask
David Wampach

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Ian Trask and David Wampach

The Invisible Dog Art Space, New York

Installation and performance

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The artist-in-residence, Ian Trask, unveils his new, permanent installation at The Invisible Dog. This installation marks the culmination of the artist's year long residency. Made entirely of the canvas and elastic belts found in the building's basement, the piece attempts to capture the spirit and energy of The Invisible Dog. As the newest addition to the permanent collection, the sculpture is a reflection on space, time, gravity, and the gradual unfolding of the universe. Following that, for one night only, The Invisible Dog Art are honored to welcome David Wampach - and Anders Griffen - for their performance piece Batterie.

Two exhibitions
dal 12/9/2014 al 14/11/2014

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