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Caio Reisewitz
dal 26/10/2011 al 2/1/2012

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Caio Reisewitz

Galerie van der Mieden, Brussels

"Vida Escondida". There are many versions of the same reality and Reisewitz's Hidden Life series deals exactly with that.

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Caio Reisewitz
Vida Escondida

There is obviously not one truth. There are many versions of the same reality. Caio Reisewitz ‘s Hidden Life series deals exactly with that. There is always something in his landscapes that our eyes won’t see right away. A favela hidden in the midst of a luxurious green forest for example. You have to really look deeply… it’s small, but it is there. Just like in real life, when we know it’s there but we choose not to see it. The first impression is that he’s trying to hide something from us, but, at a second glance, it is very clear: he’s not hiding, he’s pointing out, he’s putting it right on our faces, as if saying, “look at this…how couldn’t you see this was here all along? This ambiguity is ever so present in the artist’s work and is also, perhaps, one of the greatest qualities of photography. But in Caio’s work there’s also the craftsmanship. When he photographs a landscape, he becomes its master and owner. And what he decides to show us is barely what we would have seen were we with him at that moment when he pressed the shutter. The detail and high technical standards are in the core of the artist’s work. He draws precision from his German background to present always impeccable finished prints of an ecological reflection about his native country: the relationship between men and the landscape, the deterioration of natural resources and how society, in it’s crazy race towards the future, leaves nature behind. Reisewitz, as opposed to photojournalists, do not use photography to show the rawness of the world as it is, but delves in the construct of pasted details to convey a very strong and personal message about us and our relationship to the earth.

Adriana Zehbrauskas
Mexico City, September 2011

Image: Caio Reisewitz, Sucupir, 2011

Opening: October 27, 6-9PM

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