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Sophie Tottie
dal 24/11/2011 al 4/2/2012
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Sophie Tottie

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Sophie Tottie

Malmo Art Museum, Malmo

White Lines. Drawings, paintings and installations

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'White Lines'. A mid-career solo exhibition by the Swedish artist Sophie Tottie. Her art encourages reflection. In her drawings, paintings and installations she is exploring and playing with the tension between lines, circles and abstraction in an attempt to capture and visualize complex, often scientific, phenomenon. This exhibition encompass recently produced works by Sophie Tottie which depart from mark making and performative viewing. The works displayed consist of paintings and drawings on stainless steel, copper, acrylic glass, canvas and paper. Linear or circular marks alternately block the reflection or move the light in an almost kinetic way as the spectator approaches or withdraws from the images.

A Voice of One's Own
dal 3/6/2014 al 6/9/2014

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