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Three Exhibitions
dal 9/3/2012 al 4/5/2012

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The Invisible Dog Art Space

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Three Exhibitions

The Invisible Dog Art Space, New York

On the ground floor, R Justin Stewart's sculptural installation Distorting (A Messiah Project 13C). In the garden gallery, Daniel Horowitz's 365 drawing project. In the third floor gallery, Malcolm Brown's photo-portraits The Artist of The Invisible Dog. Each of these 32 artists will contribute a piece to a group show, also on the third floor, and offer Open Studios on the second floor.

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“Each and every one of us grows and evolves according to his or her own tempo. Each and every one of us draws his or her confidence and strength through time. When portraying the 32 artists in residence at The Invisible Dog in their studios, photographer Malcolm Brown captures a specific place in time. All of the artists in residence will participate in open studios from March 10-11, giving the public an opportunity visit their daily work environments. We will open an exhibition of drawings by illustrator Daniel Horowitz. Every day for the past year, Daniel has laid out his thoughts and observations upon canvases of various kinds, and he will be offering the public a total of 365 drawings as a testimony of his time - and, by extension, ours. Finally, as a liberation from space and time, through the intertwined threads of the gigantic spiderweb that will overgrow the main gallery, R. Justin Stewart takes us on a journey to the 13th century in search of a Messiah. For the opening of its new season of exhibitions, The Invisible Dog will become the focal point for these diverging interpretations of time, that we, as contemporaries, embody.”
—Lucien Zayan, Director

Distorting (a messiah project, 13C)
Exhibition on view from March 10 to May 5, 2012.
Curated by Risa Shoup

We are happy to present Distorting (a messiah project, 13C), a sculptural installation overwhelming the ground floor of the Invisible Dog Art Center, created by R. Justin Stewart to reflect his research into the Jewish concept of the messiah.

After two years of research, Stewart, a professed agnostic, will install Distorting, an intricate environment constructed of fleece, rope and plastic that will serve as a 3-D representation of the concept of the messiah in the 13th Century. Distorting is a visual delight that will overcome the viewer with color and shape as it invades the ground floor of the Invisible Dog. Those viewers curious about the connection between the sculptural elements and the information that inspired them need only scan QR codes, discreetly embedded throughout the sculpture, with their phone or other mobile devices to download the information they seek.

In the coming years, Stewart will unveil additional installations under the umbrella of “a messiah project.” Just as Distorting only focuses on the concept of the messiah as it existed in the 13th Century, future installations will focus on other time periods, ideas, and stories from Stewart’s research.
According to the curator: “Justin’s work blends intellectual rigor with visual splendor. His work makes cogent those systems of information that are otherwise too vast, too esoteric to understand through casual inquiry. The QR codes embedded in Distorting create a technological barrier that obfuscates the religious implications of the work mirroring the barriers that one comes across in investigating any new, particularly complex, set of ideas.”

Special Program: Shabbat Dinner, April 13, 7.30-11.30PM
In collaboration with The Gefilteria, Stewart and Shoup will host a multi-course Shabbat dinner at The Invisible Dog. The dinner will feature lively conversation about art and spirituality lead by Mamie Kanfer Stewart. Seating is extremely limited. Special Program: Closing Reception with Curated Readings, as part of the PEN World Voices Festival, May 5
From 11am-12.30pm, the PEN World Voices Festival will feature readings by professional authors and local children inside the sculpture. Then from 7.30-10.30pm authors from around the world will give readings responding to the concept of the messiah. Both events are free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

About R. Justin Stewart /
R Justin Stewart was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1980. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute where he earned his BFA in 2003, followed by the University of Minnesota where he earned an MFA in 2008. He currently lives and works in New York City. Stewart’s recent selected exhibitions include: Like The Spice Gallery, New York, NY, H&R Block ArtSpace, Kansas City, MO, Winkleman Gallery, New York, NY, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI, Spaces SpaceLab, Cleveland, OH, +Plus Gallery, Denver, CO, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ, Soo Visual Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE (2005), and Klein Art Works, Chicago, IL. Stewart has received awards including the International Sculpture Center 2007 Student Achievement in Sculpture Award and the Katherine E. Nash Purchase Prize. Stewart was also an artist in residence at Red Line Studios (Denver) in 2009 and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha) in 2005.


Exhibition on view from March 10 to April 22, 2012.
Curated by Chong Gon Byun

We are happy to present Daniel Horowitz's solo exhibition 365, the product of a year-long experiment in spontaneous drawing. Each of these works reflects the mood and environment of the artist in his daily practice, evolving from simple line drawing to painting and collage.

Daniel Horowitz is an award-winning illustrator and art director. Working primarily as a digital artist over the last decade, he considered what might happen if he were to pull out a blank page and begin to draw. Not on commission and with no particular purpose in mind. The self-imposed minimum, one drawing a day, was to serve as an exercise to pull himself away from the computer and to begin to explore analog creativity. He was concerned that the quality of these artworks would be too different from, or inferior to, his better-known commercial illustrations, so he had little intention of sharing this experiment. However, as days turned into weeks he began to realize that within the spontaneity of this process, something curious and new began to emerge.

Horowitz formed a blog and began to post his daily explorations. The overwhelming response helped to see the project through to its end at 365 drawings. Although the requirement was to post a sketch or line drawing and nothing more, he began to create more elaborate collages and paintings as the rhythm took hold of his imagination. The final vocabulary of this long-term project has resulted in a curious bestiary cut from old accounting books and ephemera, brought to life with ink and paint, scissors and collage, resulting in an original and thoroughly whimsical world. As the series nears its completion, we are pleased to announce that all 365 daily artworks will be united at The Invisible Dog for Daniel Horowitz’s most comprehensive solo show to date.

About Daniel Horowitz /

Daniel Horowitz is a 33-year-old artist born in New York and presently based in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Vinegar Hill. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in California in 2000, he began his career as an illustrator and painter. A few years later he moved to Warsaw, where he carried on working in the same fields while teaching at the Academy of Art and New Media. During this period, his exposure to the masters of the Polish Poster School (Starowiejski, Tomaszewski, Klimowski ...) considerably influenced his work. In 2007, after having lived and worked in Poland, Germany, Spain and Austria, Daniel moved back to New York, where he immediately started working as an illustrator and designer for editorial and publishing clients such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, BusinessWeek, Random House/ Knopf, Grove Press, and Revue XXI. Simultaneously, Daniel began to work as an artistic director and consultant for different American and European companies. His work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration Annual, 3x3 Magazine, Creative Quarterly: Journal for Art and Design, and most recently by the Scope Miami 2011 Artists Wanted competition, winning best in the Painting and Drawing category. Finding solutions to visual problems through metaphor is one of Daniel’s most gratifying endeavors. Since most of his editorial and commercial projects are executed digitally, he committed himself to 365’s daily drawing discipline to rediscover the process of creating with his hands.


The Artists of The Invisible Dog
Exhibition on view on March 10 and March 11, 2012.

We are happy to present Malcolm Brown’s 32-piece solo exhibit — a photographic study highlighting the artists of The Invisible Dog. Through this intensive, fulfilling year-long project, Malcolm has finalized a series of portraits that creatively connect the artists to their work, space, and artistic processes, while inevitably mixing in doses of his own quirkiness, humor and conceptual thinking. Individually, each portrait tells a unique story; collectively, they are the creative energy that is The Invisible Dog.

Trained as an anthropologist and spatial sociologist, Malcolm uses his keen sensitivity to observe how people work and how their personalities, their craft and environment coexist. The use of a variety of photographic techniques and the challenge to make each portrait different result in a spirited and refreshing body of work. For the first time, these personalities will be presented through photography and The Artists of The Invisible Dog will be formally introduced to the community where they all live and work. The photographs will be available for purchase framed and as individual prints. A 68-page color book signed by the artist will also be for sale.

About Malcolm Brown /
Malcolm Brown was born in Farmington, CT in 1979. He attended Cornell University where he earned a B.S and M.S. in Design and Environmental Analysis and a minor in City and Regional Planning. He pursued a career in strategic design and research consulting. In this position, he observed and analyzed how people live, work and play in space. He interpreted his findings into meaningful physical solutions; essentially composing people in space. In 2003, Malcolm’s travels to India and Malaysia served as a turning point in how he observed people creatively in both the built and natural environment. Using his discerning eye and strong post-production skills, he began to create images with a new aesthetic - one that transformed the scenery into a unique, almost enigmatic environment. This trip sparked a change in how Malcolm viewed photography and inspired the techniques and methods he uses today. Malcolm Brown shoots regularly for editorial and advertising clients. Some of his top clients include: Timberland, New Balance, CoverGirl, Matrix / L’Oreal, Swarovski and Universal Music. His work has also been featured in a number of publications including: Fast Company Magazine, NYC & Co., NYCGO, USA Today, New York Magazine, GO Magazine, City Arts Magazine, and photo blogs such as He has been a member of The Invisible Dog community for nearly three years and this will be Malcolm’s second Work/Space. He has also participated in many other solo and group exhibitions in the Tri-State Area. Malcolm Brown currently lives in Brooklyn.


Exhibition on view on March 10 and March 11, 2012.

We are happy to present Work/Space 2012, the second installment of the annual 32 in-house artists’ group exhibition and open studios event. Curated by Whitney V. Hunter, Work/Space 2012 will introduce the public to the new artists of the Invisible Dog Art Center as well as exhibit new works by the center’s returning artists.
Over weekend-long event, the public will have the unique opportunity to visit and meet with the in-house artists in their studios. Work/Space 2012 will showcase a broad range of work from the classical to the contemporary, fine art to design by these artists, who are bound together by the physical space they share at The Invisible Dog Art Center. Featured Artists : Douglas Adesko, Juan Alfaro, Dean Alfonzo, Bina Altera, Rachel Barrett, Vanessa Belli, Gabriel Benzur, Malcolm Brown, Liz Burow, Chong Gon Byun, Julia Cocuzza, Andre Da Loba, Dillon Dewaters, Maria Gracia Donoso, Pascale Gueracague, Nancy Hubbard, Whitney V. Hunter, Nemo Hoffman, Oliver Jeffers, Kiya Kim, Anna Levikova, Gilles Lyon, Anne Mourier, Joanna Neborsky, Prune Nourry, Sarah Palmer, Claudia Paneca, Mac Premo, Xavier Roux, Aaron Ruff, Anita Sto, Susan Weinthaler

About Whitney V. Hunter, Curator /

Whitney V. Hunter is a Brooklyn-based performance and exhibition artist. He creates and curates work for the stage, gallery, and alternative spaces, and directs his Whitney Hunter [medium], a project-based collaborative. Whitney holds an MFA in New Media Arts and Performance from Long Island University. He served as Assistant Director of The Invisible Dog Art Center for the spring 2011 season.

Image: R. Justin Stewart

Opening reception Saturday March 10, 6 to 10pm

The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street Brooklyn, New York
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