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Uriel Orlow / Kirsi Mikkola
dal 30/6/2012 al 25/8/2012
Wed - Fri 2-6pm, Sat - Sun 11-6pm

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Manon Engel


Uriel Orlow
Kirsi Mikkola

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Uriel Orlow / Kirsi Mikkola

CentrePasquArt, Biel

Two comprehensive institutional one-person show

sintesi del comunicato stampa

Uriel Orlow is staging his first comprehensive institutional one-person exhibition; his work examines overlooked sites of history and unspectacular events that refer to larger historical connections. The artist works across media in video, photography, drawing, and sound and in his modular installations brings together different image regimes and narrative modes. In the last few years Kirsi Mikkola has been concentrating on a very distinct form of abstract painting. In the place of brushstrokes she combines countless strips and fields of coloured paper, laying them next to each other or overlapping them. In both the large and small format works Mikkola continually surpasses her own limits with complex filigree structures and often dissonant colours.

Fabian Marti
dal 13/9/2013 al 23/11/2013

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