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Uta Kogelsberger
dal 2/9/2003 al 28/9/2003
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Uta Kogelsberger

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Uta Kogelsberger

CGP London - Cafe Gallery, London

Photographic works.

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Photographic works

Uta Kôgelsberger's first London solo show consists of a new body of large scale major photographic works which evoke the worlds of moon landings, science fiction and futurism. Within the photographs, the artist's games about artificiality within chance encountered and staged environments have illuminated the subjective processes of their derivation and perception. The gallery installation of the works further develops her preoccupation with a psychological space in which the viewer becomes complicit in constructing a make believe landscape: the subject matter comprised of dislocated architectural motifs or natural matrices such as tree trunks and meandering river beds which have somehow become suspended within overwhelmingly saturated planes of deep blue, turquoise, sage green and scarlet. As we look at these photographs, in our minds eye we construct a believable scene, only for the sense of it to eventually fall away, back into its constituent parts, before we gather them back together again to reform the picturing process as an oscillating experience. Uta Kôgelsberger has exhibited widely in group shows and has held several fellowships and residencies, including a Full Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Centre and most recently an Art & Architecture Residency in Kielder Forest. The artist has received a number of awards including the Edinburgh Architecture Association award for Art in Architecture.

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