The Third Line
Al Quoz 3, PO Box 72036
+9714 3411367 FAX +9714 3411369
Rana Begum
dal 18/6/2013 al 13/7/2013
sat- thu 10am - 7pm

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Saira Ansari


Rana Begum

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Rana Begum

The Third Line, Dubai

No.10. Metal sculptures

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The exhibition presents metal sculptures coated with vibrant colours that push the relationship between colour, form and three-dimensional space. Taking inspiration from urban order and disorder, Begum creates surfaces and planes that are luscious and seductive. The show includes wall-mounted folded metal works that vary in sizes. Mild steel, mirror finish steel, copper and brass are some of the industrial materials Begum is fascinated with. In addition to these works are two benches that take on a more grounded and sculptural interpretation of the theme. The large floor pieces also occupy viewers in much the same way as the airy wall series.

Zineb Sedira
dal 28/4/2015 al 29/5/2015

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