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Simon Mathers
dal 5/9/2013 al 26/10/2013

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Simon Mathers

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Simon Mathers

Motinternational, Bruxelles

Milk. His paintings capture sketched vignettes which are both intimate and removed, and the restless, roving gaze of a tourist. As part of Brussels Art Days 2013.

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MOTINTERNATIONAL Brussels are delighted to launch the gallery's new space at 10 Place du Petit Sablon with an exhibition of new works by Simon Mathers. Milk will be the artist's second solo presentation with the gallery.

Mathers paintings of familiar objects (sunglasses, tofu, window blinds) and anonymous subjects materialize as studies of surface and process. Figuration, colour, ground, texture and mark-making are concurrently explored, his paintings characterised by simplicity of form and gesture.

For Milk, Mathers drew on imagery found in newspapers, flyers, and sex-advertisements. His nudes are drawn with economic lines, rendered faintly on and behind mesh-like screens which both obscure and abstract their figures; depictions of hermaphrodites, bare bottoms and young women spritzing sunscreen on package holidays. Mathers' paintings capture sketched vignettes which are both intimate and removed, and the restless, roving gaze of a tourist.

Simon Mathers (b. 1984) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include the Musee d’Arte Contemporanea di Calasetta, Italy, 2013; The Patterns of Fur and Themes of Still and Running Water MOTINTERNATIONAL, London, 2011; and Rowing Projects, London, 2012. Recent group exhibitions include Pop Tarts James Fuentes, New York, 2013; Paradise Garage Eightyone, London, 2013; Midsummer Opening Pilar Corrias, London, 2011; Poisson d’Avril Vous Etes Ici, Amsterdam, 2011; The Salon of the Vernacular, Fishmarket Gallery, London, 2011; MOTINTERNATIONAL, London, 2010; The Drifting Canvas, Cole Contemporary, London, 2010.

Private View Friday 6th September 6-8pm

As part of Brussels Art Days 2013

Place du Petit Sablon, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Opening hours during Brussels Art Days:
Friday 6 September from 2 to 8pm
Saturday 7 September from noon to 7pm
Sunday 8 September from noon to 7pm

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