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A way of life
dal 29/1/2014 al 17/5/2014
Tue-Sun 11 am-6 pm

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Madelene Holm

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A way of life

Moderna Museet, Malmo

Swedish Photography from Christer Stromholm until today. With more than 300 pictures by 29 photographers (from the museum's collection), this exhibition highlights three contemporary photographers Martin Bogren, Anna Claren and JH Engstrom.

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This spring, Moderna Museet Malmö is showing photography, mainly Swedish but some photographers with strong ties to Sweden. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to see a large range of fantastic photographs that show different ways of life.

“... for me, working with photographic images is A WAY OF LIFE. When I think of it, and when I look carefully at my images, ALL of them, each in its particular way, are nothing but SELF-PORTRAITS, a part of my life.”

This quote is from a lecture held by Christer Strömholm in 1983 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition A Way of Life presents Christer Strömholm and his friends, and brings together a group of photographers who have taken documentary photography in a more personal and artistic direction. The focus is on that which is private, intimate, intrusive, and on the subjective tendencies in Swedish photography, with the addition of a few foreign examples. The period spans from the 1940s, via the 1980s, to the 21st century.

The exhibition is based on the Moderna Museet collection, presenting more than 300 pictures by 29 photographers. It highlights three contemporary photographers, Martin Bogren, Anna Clarén and JH Engström, all of whom have pursued the subjective movement in photography in different ways and on different terms.

Featured photographers:
Yngve Baum, Martin Bogren, Stina Brockman, Anna Clarén, Dawid, Ann Christine Eek, Agneta Ekman, JH Engström, Nan Goldin, Neil Goldstein, Catharina Gotby, Denise Grünstein, Kenneth Gustavsson, Walter Hirsch, Gerry Johansson, Rune Jonsson, Eva Klasson, Nina Korhonen, Tuija Lindström, Anders Petersen, Håkan Pieniowski, Marco Plüss, Inta Ruka, Ulf Simonsson, Gunnar Smoliansky, Christer Strömholm, Lars Tunbjörk, Odd Uhrbom, John S. Webb

Communications Officer:
Madelene Holm, Mobile: +46 734 22 87 39

Preview on 30 January, 2014, at 9 am

Moderna Museet
Gasverksgatan 22, Malmö
Hours: Tue-Sun 11-18
Admission: 70/50 SEK

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