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Two exhibitions

The Invisible Dog Art Space, New York

Shannon Finnegan asked people to identify things they can't do through an anonymous online form. The Brooklyn edition of the International Weird Collage Show features 32 artist from 10 countries promising to reexamine this often misunderstood medium.

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APRIL 19 – MAY 11 – EXHIBITION – We all have things we can’t do, but wish we could. We are all constantly failing to be our perfect selves. For her project at the Invisible Dog, artist Shannon Finnegan asked people to identify things they can’t do through an anonymous online form. By pairing each “I can’t” sentence with a matching “I should” sentence, Finnegan points to the way these two feelings interact and lead to one another. For instance, the anonymous submission “I can’t focus” is paired with “I should focus.”

In the Glass House, Finnegan will create an installation that uses these phrases to illustrate attempts at self-improvement. She will hand-paint text directly onto the windows and show a new series of drawings created especially for this exhibition.



Curated by Ruben B, Max-o-matic and Charles Wilkin

APRIL 19 – MAY 11 – EXHIBITION – The visually mind bending INTERNATIONAL WEIRD COLLAGE SHOW (IWCS) continues it’s unstoppable global expedition and shape shifting collage exhibition series with it’s 8th edition and U.S. debut at Brooklyn’s The Invisible Dog Art Center. Expanding beyond its core group of collage provocateurs and instigators, the Brooklyn edition of the IWCS is certainly founders Rubén B and Max-o-matic’s most ambitious exhibition yet, with 32 artist from 10 countries. By enlisting the help of co-curator and local collage master Charles Wilkin, this exhibition promises to reexamine this often misunderstood medium with an interactive exhibition of stunning experimental collage works, inspirational artist talks and a live collage round table featuring many of today’s most influential cutters.

The INTERNATIONAL WEIRD COLLAGE SHOW started in Madrid in 2011 with the primary mission of providing enlightenment and discourse by uniting the global collage community through exhibitions, printed matter and on-line publishing. This simple premise has produced a stream of grass-roots shows and publications, propelling collage out of the shadows to become one of today’s most influential mediums. Past exhibitions have been presented in Madrid (Spain), Rotterdam (Neatherlands), Berlin (Germany), San José (Costa Rica), Quito (Ecuador) and Lima (Perú), and the BROOKLYN WEIRD SHOW will continue the WEIRD tradition of providing collage artists everywhere an outlet to express their voice, offering a glimpse into the undefined and universal narratives that brings us together.

Artists confirmed for show: Rubén B, André Bergamin, Molly Bosley, Dennis Busch, Julia Busch, Joe Castro, Jordan Clark, Cless, Tamar Cohen, Isabelle Cordemans, William Crump, Harold Diaz, Fred Free, John Gall, James Gallagher, Alan Ganev, Sr. García, Goster, Grande, Diego Guzman, Micosch Holland, Ashkan Honarvar, Victoria Ulrikke Iles, Geoff Kim, Jon Legere, Max-o-matic, Sylvia Stølan, Brandi Strickland, Sweet Suede, John Whitlock, Oliver Wiegner, Charles Wilkin, Niko Vartiainen, Anthony Zinonos and Mario Zoots.

Opening reception Saturday April 19th from 6 to 10pm

The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street - Brooklyn, NY, 11 201
Opening Hours
Thursday to Saturday 1pm to 7pm
Sunday 1pm to 5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment only
Closed on Monday

Two exhibitions
dal 12/9/2014 al 14/11/2014

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