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The future of painting

Essl Museum Contemporary Art, Klosterneuburg

A perspective. In 23 new artistic positions all the different varieties of contemporary painting and drawing will be on show, from figurative to abstract, from object-like to installation, from classical to experimental.

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Curator Günther Oberhollenzer

Does painting have a future? How has painting changed recently? What forward-looking positions are there in Austria? From 3 October 2014, based on 23 new artistic positions, the exhibition "the future of painting" will provide answers to these questions. All the different varieties of contemporary painting and drawing will be on show, from figurative to abstract, from object-like to installation, from classical to experimental.

People have been proclaiming “the end of painting” for over 100 years. Most recently there have been controversial debates on the meaningfulness and future of painting. Against this background, in spring 2014 the Essl Museum called on Austrian and Austria-based artists to apply for participation in the exhibition with their works. Painting as well as graphic art could be submitted. Out of 756 applications, the Essl Museum’s curatorial team led by Günther Oberhollenzer made a preliminary selection of some 50 artists, who were visited in their studios all over Austria. From this, 23 artistic positions were chosen for the exhibition.

As there was no age limit for applying, artists aged between 26 and 72 are represented in the exhibition. Among the discoveries are self-taught artists and artists who have worked for a long time in relative obscurity. Most of the 23 selected artists live and work in Vienna, but some are based in the provinces of Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Burgenland and Vorarlberg, as well as in Berlin. The spectrum of the positions selected ranges from paintings in oil, acrylic and egg tempera to installative works, to woodcuts, ink drawings and photo over-paintings. Many artists trust in the “old” strength of the classical medium, on canvas, wooden board or a sheet of paper to develop their own world with oils, acrylics or graphite, whether figurative or abstract, directly spontaneous or well thought through and strictly composed.

Figurative painting dominates over abstraction. Graphic arts positions asserted themselves surprisingly strongly. The diversity and quality of the 23 artistic positions and also the impressive number of applications show that painting and graphic art still play an essential role in contemporary art.

The following artists are participating in the exhibition: Ines Agostinelli, Alfredo Barsuglia, Adel Dauood, Cäcila Falk, Irina Georgieva, Lena Göbel, Suse Kravagna, Eric Kressnig, Isabella Langer, Matthias Lautner, Larissa Leverenz, Leo Mayer, Robert Muntean, Peter Nachtigall, Alfons Pressnitz, Vika Prokopaviciute, Thomas Riess, Bianca Maria Samer, Patrik Roman Scherer, Martin Veigl, Victoria Vinogradova, Christiane Wratschko, marshall!yeti.

One of the most important focuses of the collection and exhibition activity of the Essl Museum is post-1945 Austrian art – with painting enjoying particular importance. The Essl Museum sees itself not just as a venue for established artists, but also as an experimenting field for young artists who do not yet have a strong profile in the art scene. The “emerging artists” exhibition series has been running since 2000.

A comprehensive and elaborately illustrated catalogue is being published for the exhibition, with a preface by Karlheinz Essl, articles by Stephanie Damianitsch, Daniel Domig and Günther Oberhollenzer and statements and studio photographs of all the 23 participating artists. The other 27 of the total of 50 nominated artists for the exhibition will also be introduced in the catalogue.

Art education
The art education team offers guided tours and workshops on the exhibition.

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Opening: 02.10.2014, 19:30

Essl Museum Contemporary Art
An der Donau-Au 1 3400 Klosterneuburg / Vienna
Tue - Sun: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Wed: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Monday closed
Adults 9 Euro
Reduced tickets * 6 Euro
Seniors (with ID) 6 Euro
Families (2 adults with children) 12 Euro
Groups - per person (from 15 pax up) 7 Euro
Free entry: people under 19 years of age, students

The future of painting
dal 1/10/2014 al 7/2/2015

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