Los Angeles
631 West 2nd Street (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater)
213 2372800
Benjamin Seror
dal 17/11/2014 al 1/12/2014
tuesday - sunday, 12-6pm

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Kelly Hargraves


Benjamin Seror

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Benjamin Seror

Redcat, Los Angeles

The Marsyas Hour. The artist develops and performs a new version of his latest project

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Benjamin Seror's improvised stories are inspired by phantoms of literature, art history and everyday adventures. Over three Tuesday evenings in the Redcat Lounge, he develops and performs a new version of his latest project, The Marsyas Hour, an impromptu script for a TV pilot that recounts everyday life on Mount Olympus through the eyes of the young satyr Marsyas. Apollo defeated Marsyas in a flute contest, and had him tied to a tree to be frayed alive - but Marsyas survived the punishment and committed his life to defeating the gods.

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