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Wolfgang Breuer
dal 20/5/2004 al 20/6/2004
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Wolfgang Breuer

Flaca, London

This and that next to each other. Solo show.

comunicato stampa

this and that next to each other

this and that next to each other 2 4 16 abcdefghi in the middle lies, a juxtaposition several applications define colour mathematical areas

adhesive bands stripes on surfaces

bicycle how bicycles are locked with cleaning-rag unlocked bicycles icycle lock as belt

bridges stripes

cable ties around posts without sign sprayed at the distant end cut off own cable ties around posts without sign

carpets in entrance areas areas

cars when they are open o each other o road markings distances to
etracted rear mirrors he damage lies in the middle a part is missing leaves get stuck in the joint of a hood
emnants of snow point car to parking space
emnants of snow point car to car direction white delivery vans not yet marked displacement to the parking space areas on cars when snow has been removed dry spot underneath the cars

cleaning-rag outside position lost little areas

fences when they form a W when they create several levels plane to the fence fence partially free-standing wavy lines Wshaped detail fences that are connected with strings connections lined up in a row result in a fence lock away space underneath a bridge with fences create space
epaired with strings

garden paving stones plants pavingstone joints form Wshaped lines one thing on each paving stone lying on a paving-stone joint special joints plant locations marked with spray paint hill for sleigh riding openings in hedges

openings in hedges

lines parallels something is lying on a line many small areas

logos with a W Sony with a W next to it

paving stones joints of the paving stones form Wshaped lines one thing on each paving stone lying on the joint of a paving stone

road markings markings to the road topping he texture repeats itself, which integral numbers are repeated
ope markings o threedimensional objects adhesive bands passageways Pierre Huyghe Or 1995
oadway is visible through the markings when they describe a W

plants plants with designations visible supply lines openings in hedges scrubby hedges wetness from watering exactly fallen petals flowers regularly planted heir basic earth surface position plants on the edge with silver behind them ranches form bridges shift of the troughs arely visible fence further level single plant in the middle stacks of wood on an inclined surface against a tree different types of earth with reflectors situation planting easy lawn with pattern climbing plants form wavy lines

power lines in the sky form the rearwindow heating

square cakes parallel equally high

stripes ent o each other parallel as bridges

tags when they contain a W on wire netting fences

roughly aligned pairs of screws

W dysgraphic W

water creates areas gradient between areas it rained on and dry areas dry surface underneath the cars is traversed by lines of water

water wetness from watering races of weathering are parallel to supply lines climbing plants form wavy lines water surfaces three-dimensional objects water surfaces to stripes of the road markings on ramps

wavy lines on lines op and bottom half detail forms a W dysgraphic W

Preview Friday 21st May 6-9pm
22th May - 20th June

MICHAEL BEUTLER's Flaca Spread One
With other invited artists:
Henning Bohl, Luca Frei, Tom Humphreys, Sergej Jensen, Stefanie Kleefeld, Kim Nekarda, Mick Peter, Bianca Rampas, Tomas Saraceno, Lucie Stahl, and Alexander Wolff.

Two summer openings 6pm-late
Start: Saturday 3rd July
Completion: Saturday 31st July

DJ's : Norwegian Lady and Kollectiv
Bar and Mexican Food

Open Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

Preview Friday 21th May 6-9pm

Open Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

69 Broadway Market
London E8 4PH
T/F +44(0)20 72757473

Group show
dal 22/3/2007 al 14/4/2007

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