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Almuth Tebbenhoff
dal 9/10/2004 al 7/11/2004
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Almuth Tebbenhoff

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Almuth Tebbenhoff

CGP London - Cafe Gallery, London

Pillar. A new painted steel sculpture in our sculpture court. The piece of work is some four meters high.

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Cafe Gallery Projects is pleased to present a new painted steel sculpture in our sculpture court from October 2004. The piece of work is some four meters high and has just been made by German born artist, Almuth Tebbenhoff who studied at Sir John Cass, then at the Royal College of Art. Subsequently, Almuth Tebbenhoff has been exhibiting internationally, having worked upon several important commissions. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2002.

"Imagine a stack of perfect industrial steel angle section: 6m lengths, sharp, hard edged, strong and waiting.
Enter the artist (Almuth Tebbenhoff) who cuts all of it into small pieces – each with a different angle and different length, so that when it is reassembled and welded together, the previously straight lines wave and dance in all directions, like a fully 3 dimensional drawing. Or like a climbing plant sending out tendrils to look for support, systematically searching for that solid branch or wall.

Why? It reflects something the artist sees all around. Nothing in nature is completely straight: it only appears so. ‘Pillar’ and other related sculptures grapple with the fine line between control and chaos. The pieces in this series of work have just enough control imposed on them to achieve their direction, such as a column or a circle, but also sufficient uncertainty to add excitement and freedom. ‘Pillar’ is an upward moving energy column, reaching for the sky; it could continue in this way forever, but, because material reality is finite, the physical column ends at 4 meters. However, the invisible core continues as far up as the mind can stretch."
Almuth Tebbenhoff, 11th August, 2004.

Private View: 10th October 2004 from 3 to 6pm

Exhibition Dates: 13th October to 7th November 2004 and from 24th November 2004
Exhibition Hours: Wed to Sun from 11am to 4pm

In the image: Almuth Tebbenhoff, 'Empty Spheres Maquette', 2003.

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