Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
New York
530 West 22nd Street
212 9292262 FAX 212 9292340
I'm Yours Now
dal 28/6/2006 al 17/8/2006

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Ellie Bronson

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I'm Yours Now

Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

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The exhibition explores the potential of the space to generate site-specific pieces ranging from the pictorial to the conceptual. All the artists will re-address the space as ground for images and visual environments. Organized by Arturo Herrera. The artists in the show are: Jeff Bechtel, Terry Haggerty, Ann Veronica Janssens, Simon Dybbroe Moller, Jorge Queiroz, Jan Van Der Ploeg, Claudia Wieser.

Marc Handelman
dal 11/3/2015 al 10/4/2015

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