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Bode-Museum, Berlin


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This summer, the conceptual and installation artist Sarkis will be presenting an installation in the Bode Museum. The reading room in the first floor of the museum will be home to a large closed wooden box, with the “icons” hung on the inside walls of this box. The “icons” can be seen through windows in the box, but they can only be admired from a distance and not close up.

Sarkis’s more than 180 icons are made of old frames of many shapes, which the artist has painted and decorated partly with immaterial watercolours, and partly with a plethora of different materials, forms and colours. He has been collecting these frames over many years in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. The interplay of viewing – and viewing through – the icons in the box and the other exhibits in the reading room creates a diverse series of interrelated images. Although it is not per se intended to be seen in religious terms, the wooden construction becomes a kind of sacristry and unfolds a mysterious aura.

About the artist
Sarkis is an Armenian artist who was born in 1938 in Istanbul. He studied interior design and then moved to Paris in 1964, where he still lives today. He first became known through his participation in the exhibition “When Attitudes Become Form”, curated by Harald Szeemann. Influenced by Joseph Beuys, he soon turned to installation art. His works include sculptures, large installations in buildings and public spaces, films, and other genres. He has had numerous exhibitions, including in the Centre Pompidou, Paris, in the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, the Louvre in Paris, and the Venice Biennale.

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