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Spin 3

Houston Center for Photography, Houston

Txt Me L8r

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Txt Me L8r

This summer´s SPIN party, entitled Txt Me L8r, will be like no other! Have a cell phone with a camera and want to participate? On July 9th, we´ll send out an e-news with further instructions. The first 24 respondents are guaranteed to be in the exhibition!

Co-curated by Aurora Picture Show and HCP, Txt Me L8r explores the potential for distributed creativity through the use of cell phone technology. Artists and the general public are invited to sign-up to receive text messages with specific photography assignments sent throughout the course of the exhibition. Participants will use their camera phones to complete the assignment and upload their results to a photosharing site which will be video projected as slideshows in HCP´s galleries. Combining crowdsourcing with networked communication, Txt Me L8r invites artists and the general public alike to adapt new technologies for spontaneous, geographically-dispersed collaboration.

SPIN3 Details: Friday, August 24 from 8-11pm. Open bar, beer donated by Real Ale Brewing Company, music by sound artist Stephen Orsak. $6 entrance fee for Aurora and HCP members, students, and seniors / $10 non-members. Exhibition continues through August 26.

Participating HCP Artists:

Kentaro Yamada (Auckland, New Zealand)

Informationlab (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Soody Sharifi (Houston, TX)

David Brown (Houston, TX)

Ariane Roesch (Houston, TX)

Bryan Schutmaat (Houston, TX)

Samantha Krukowski (Austin, TX)

William Hundley (Austin, TX)

Kyungmi Shin (Los Angeles, CA & The Republic of Ghana)

Bill Sullivan ( New York, NY)

Antonio Pulgarin (Brooklyn, NY)

URBANtells (Baltimore, MD)

Participating Aurora Artists:

Marisa Avelar (Houston, TX)

Anna Ballheimer (Dinkelsbühl, Germany)

David Chien (Houston, TX)

Jona Bechtolt (Portland, OR)

Bree Edwards (Houston, TX & New York, NY )

Eileen Maxson (Pittsburgh, PA)

Marisa Olson (New York, NY)

Mike Plante (Los Angeles, CA)

Allison Wiese (San Diego, CA)

Matt Hulse (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Houston Center for Photography
1441 W. Alabama St. - Houston

Two exhibitions
dal 21/11/2013 al 11/1/2014

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