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ArchiFest 2007
dal 26/11/2007 al 7/12/2007
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ArchiFest 2007

Different venues, Singapore

Aspiration to realisation. An Architectural Design Festival that celebrates the built environment and preludes the Singapore Architecture Biennale 2010. A platform for all walks of life to discuss, debate and deliberate architectural issues. Participants will find themselves engaging in uninhibited dialogue, creative collaborations and a constant exchange of ideas.

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An exciting festival of Exhibitions, Forum and ArchiTours lined-up at the inaugural Singapore ArchiFest Singapore (26 October 2007) – Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) announces the launch of Singapore ArchiFest 07, to be held in Singapore from 27 November to 8 December 2007. The theme “Aspiration to Realisation” provides a focus for the inaugural Singapore ArchiFest. The festival events will centre on the unique challenges faced by Singapore as a small city with high density living and scarce land resources. Representatives from different parts of the world will be invited to share their journeys in realising their aspirations, through presentation of ideas and philosophies, in the context of the growing city and its living environment. Professionals from all the design and construction fields are invited to interact and encouraged to engage in a fun, friendly and free atmosphere, which will allow for discussion of the most critical challenges facing architecture, society and the city.

Throughout the two-week festival, a myriad of exciting events including Exhibitions, Forum and ArchiTours will be unveiled at various locations. Celebrate the diverse talents in local architecture and uncover the dreams behind the façade, with activities and happenings for all to participate in. Visitors can also look forward to the many public events at Singapore ArchiFest 07. The exhibitions at the City Hall will feature winning designs from Design Ideas Competition for Marina South Residential District and the National Art Gallery, while the guided ArchiTours will involve exploration of some of the most iconic buildings in Singapore. Singapore Archifest 07 is an initiative supported and co-funded under the Architecture and Urban Design Excellence (A•UDE) Promotion Programme by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

27 Nov - 8 Dec 07 / 10am – 9pm / City Hall / Free
The collection of exhibitions will be held at the City Hall, featuring award-winning works from various architectural competitions as well as internationally acclaimed urban designs. + Design Ideas Competition for the Marina South Residential District Jointly organised by SIA and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the Design Ideas Competition invited architects, planners and students to submit fresh, innovative ideas for a unique waterfront-garden residential district in Marina South located at Singapore's Marina Bay. The ideas will serve as an inspiration and catalyst for the planning and urban design strategies to be adopted for the development of the district. Submissions will be exhibited at ArchiFest. Competition information attached separately. + ‘S3: Steel. Space. Structure’ Ideas Competition Jointly presented by SIA and BlueScope Steel, S3 is a platform for designers with imaginative ideas to create steel building designs that not only demonstrate strong levels of innovation and functionality, but also inspire those who will see and use the space. Participants are to design and detail a steel pavilion located beside the visitor centre at Orchard Road, accommodating a café, retail space and an exhibition space. The winning design stands a chance to be built and realised on site in 2008 and outstanding submissions will be exhibited at ArchiFest.

National Art Gallery Competition
The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) has launched an architectural design competition to seek world-class design ideas to transform two important heritage buildings - the City Hall and former Supreme Court - into Singapore's National Art Gallery. The winning entries have been selected by an international jury panel and will be exhibited at ArchiFest. + Special Exhibition Specially curated for the Singapore ArchiFest, the exhibition will feature exceptional works from established architects from different parts of the world.

FORUM / 30 Nov & 1 Dec 07 / NTUC Auditorium
The two-day Singapore ArchiFest forum brings together a stellar lineup of speakers who will be addressing the challenges of urban architectural design. “Aspiration to Realisation” sets the theme for the forum, where 12 speakers from different parts of the world will be invited to share their journeys in realising their aspirations through presentation of ideas and philosophies, in the context of the growing city and its living environment. The interactive and thought provoking sessions will inspire all, offering excellent opportunities to exchange experiences and gain valuable new perspectives.

Forum Ticketing Information
Public S$260
SIA Members S$210
Student S$50
Prices exclude taxes, administrative fees and any other charges.
Ticket entitles delegate to the Forum on 30 Nov and 1 Dec, Awards Party on 30 Nov and one session of ArchiTour. To purchase tickets, please visit http://www.archifest.sg

ARCHITOURS / 30 Nov - 9 Dec 07 / Various locations
A fun and engaging way to explore some of Singapore’s most distinctive neighbourhoods and districts, the guided ArchiTours will be held daily throughout the festival. The guided ArchiTours aim to educate and inspire locals and tourists alike on the unique architecture in Singapore and how the changing urban landscapes affect the way we live, work and think. The ArchiTours will highlight the development and expression of local architecture through the times, charting the influences of changing political, economical, social and cultural conditions, and drawing attention to the architectural milestones and predominant language used. Comparison will also be made between the traditional and contemporary architectural interpretations. Some of the landmarks lined-up for the ArchiTours include Tiong Bahru SIT Flats, Pearlbank Apartments, Golden Mile Shopping Complex and Gallery Hotel. Participants will also get to experience night life through the architectural eyes, visiting unique watering holes such as Dempsey Road, Loof, Muse and St James Power House at the specially curated night tours.

AWARDS PARTY / 30 Nov 07 / City Hall
There’s no better way to celebrate the best in architectural design than with a great bash! An occasion to recognize and honor the winners of the SIA Industry Awards and the perfect get-together for professionals, students and festival goers, the Awards Party will be held on 30 November at the City Hall. Entry with forum tickets and by invitation only.

FRINGE EVENTS / City Hall / Free
Running concurrently with the events during the two-week festival, a range of fringe activities will be held at City Hall.
ROJAK by FARM / 1 Dec 07. 9pm
ROJAK is a series of sharing parties to celebrate and share local independent works in art, architecture, words, music, fashion, food, film and anything creative really. Organized by FARM, a non-profit society initiated by a group of creatives to help creatives in Singapore flaunt, share, understand and possibly collaborate with one another. In conjunction with Singapore ArchiFest and Design Festival, FARM presents ROJAK 10: The Collaborative Edition. 5 groups of artists/designers are invited to present their works and processes that stems from collaboration at the session. For more information, please visit http://www.farm.sg.

“Asian Alterity” Book Launch by World Scientific Publisher / 5 Dec 07. 5.30pm
“Asian Alterity” a new architecture book by William SW Lim is an interdisciplinary theoretical analysis that vigorously contests the homogeneity of the mainstream Eurocentric values. The book argues for the need for an alternate perspective to be introduced so as to understand the diversity of Asia’s cultural differences and to meet the complex challenges of the explosive urban expansion and disruptive changes in traditional cultures and lifestyles.

The Singapore ArchiFest is set to be an annual festival for the city to celebrate the built environment. This will be a precursor for the Singapore Architecture Biennale in 2010. Organized by the Singapore Institute of Architects, the main aim of the festival is to provide a platform for the breeding of a vibrant design culture, and consequently a design conscious society, by encouraging and guiding the general public and design professionals of all fields to interact in a fun and free atmosphere. Singapore ArchiFest strives to promote the importance of architecture and urban design, which are playing an increasingly important role in the global competition among cities. It will foster a sense of community to harness the common goals and vision towards the making of an exciting Singapore, by bringing together the architects, planners and associated professionals to share future directions. Finally the myriad of activities aim to educate and engage the general public, as well as enthuse and motivate students, who are key in shaping the society and culture, in city planning and architecture.

About Singapore Institute of Architects / http://www.sia.org.sg
The Singapore Institute of Architects is a professional organisation established in 1961 with the objective to promote the architectural profession and the built environment in Singapore. The Institute is the sole representative for the architectural profession in Singapore. The Institute’s vision is to develop Singapore as an Architecture Capital. Our mission is to champion for excellence in architecture and the built environment. This mission is driven by three key strategic thrusts, namely Design, Ethical Practice and Enterprise. The management of the affairs of the Institute is the responsibility of an elected Council, comprising 17 members, one of whom, the Registrar of the Board of Architects, Singapore, is an ex-officio member. Of the 17 members, six are office bearers, who are collectively responsible for the administration and financial matters of the Institute. About A.UDE / http://www.ura.gov.sg/aude_promotion.htm

URA's A•UDE Promotion Programme is set up to encourage and support private organisations and individuals who wish to carry out outreach activities in the areas of architecture and urban design. The Programme provides funding for a wide range of activities such as research, publications and exhibitions, so as to encourage different and innovative approaches to promoting architecture and urban design excellence in/of Singapore. Successful applicants can receive up to 50% of the total expenditure for such activities.

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Another project sponsored by URA's architecture and urban design excellence promotion programme.
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