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Manuel Scrima
dal 23/6/2009 al 28/7/2009
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Manuel Scrima


Manuel Scrima

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Manuel Scrima

RaMoMa Museum of Modern Art, Nairobi

Africa Awakes

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A different way to look at Africa
Photographic exhibition of artwork by Manuel Scrima
in support of ICROSS and NWI

The International NGO New World International Kenya is proud to introduce the exhibition Africa Awakes in Nairobi.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the tribal communities of the Rift Valley we present this stunning experience.
What comes to mind when one thinks of Africa?

We have many images of Africa, not all of them positive, this exhibition presents a different vision of an amazing continent and awe inspiring people.
The objective of Africa Awakes is to enable people to experience the magic and culture of Kenya. It brings together the power and sheer scale of the African continent, combining the energy and fire of the ancient and the new. The exhibition portrays the profound distortions that exist today in Africa, illustrating the reality of life as seen through the eyes of the people, through their customs. It is raw and compelling, highlighting the challenges and contradictions facing Africa today as well as the confrontation between tradition and contemporary.

The exhibition was created to support acclaimed and essential ICROSS programmes in Kenya. Our projects, in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland since 1994, have been serving Kenyan tribal communities for 30 years and are committed to the eradication of poverty. The proceeds of the sale of the photographs will go to fighting suffering in Africa.

Everybody can make a difference. Africa Awakes needs help in changing the face of poverty and ending suffering. If you want to get involved, you can donate at the exhibition, donate online on http://www.africa-awakes.com or http://www.nwikenya.com or http://www.icross.ie, you can buy an Africa Awakes picture or merchandise, you can share our work & websites with your friends & colleagues or volunteer with Africa Awakes. For more information on how to donate write to: enquiries@icross.ie.

New World International is a registered charity in the UK, regulated by the British Charity commission registered number 1126542 and a registered NGO in the Republic of Kenya. ICROSS was founded by Dr Joe Barnes MD and Dr Michael Meegan and is a registered charity in Kenya serving tribal communities for 30 years.

Opening: 24th June from 6 pm, till 8.30pm.

RaMoMa Museum of Modern Art
2nd Parklands Avenue - Nairobi, Kenya
Open: Monday to Sunday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
closed on public holidays

Manuel Scrima
dal 23/6/2009 al 28/7/2009

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