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Seeing One's Own Eyes
dal 5/9/2009 al 9/10/2009

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Seeing One's Own Eyes

ShanghArt H-Space, Shanghai

Middle East Contemporary Art Exhibition

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Preparations for this exhibition started in 2008.It is China¡¯s largest and most specialized exhibition on Middle East Contemporary Art, presenting Middle East art¡¯s most representative works.

Part of the international contemporary art world is consisted of Middle East contemporary art. This exhibition authentically reflects the freedom and the variety of the artist creation in the Middle East contemporary cultural environment, it particularly focuses on Middle East new generation of artist¡¯s technique, language, new media art as well as experimental and exploratory aspects their artistic creation.

With a sophisticated cultural background and thanks to their love for culture, Middle East people can randomly create world¡¯s richest and most active art. This contemporary art phenomena appears totally surreal when set back in the Middle-East social openness and swift economic development context. This exhibition¡¯s mission is to testify this Middle East contemporary art situation: its increasingly rich plastic language and its strong focus on the society. Middle East artists don¡¯t associate themselves with this notion of a shattered realist society; they show a certain challengeful resistance to it. Middle East contemporary are expends its energy, raising waves in the international art scene.

Middle East Contemporary Art Exhibition is composed of 30 artworks (group), including paintings, sculptures, photography, videos, constructions, installations etc, which occupy three exhibition spaces of Shanghart gallery. Exhibited works reveal Middle East actual young generation of artists¡¯ conceiving on life and society in this Information Age. The success of Middle East contemporary art opens a new window enabling Western and Eastern public to understand Middle East current living situation, contemporary culture and art. This exhibition will give the public an impression of an emotional sky, fresh and attracting, where sophisticated works reflect Middle East artists¡¯ knowledge and creativity. This exhibition constitutes an effective attempt of exchange and dialogue between Western and Eastern art.

Opening: September 6th,6-8pm

ShanghArt H-Space
50 Moganshan Rd. 86 - Shanghai
Hours: 1pm-6pm

Zhao Renhui
dal 9/1/2015 al 17/2/2015

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