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multimedia concert
Steve Piccolo – texts, voice, bass
Luca Gemma – voice, guitar
Gak Sato – DJ, sound processing, keys
Elliott Sharp – bass clarinet, guitar
With videos by Janene Higgins, Armin Linke-Paola Di Bello, Luca Pancrazzi

After the research on the themes of Travel, Danger and the possibility for music to concretely interact with real life and its sounds conducted by Steve Piccolo, his group and special guests in 2000-2001 in the performances “The Secret Diaries of Bruce Chatwin”, “Songs about Danger”, “Getting Ready for the Expedition” and “Expedition/Dérive”, the project moves on with another perspective in the wake of recent tragic events. It is still called “Expedition/Dérive”, but it now has a subtext, “Drifting Home”.

Previously we were exploring questions like: What can we learn about an environment, a city, from its sounds? How can we consciously react to sounds in order to change our environment through an act of awareness, rather than accepting the common notion that hearing is a “passive”, non-selective sense, unlike vision? Doesn’t music have a responsibility to act as a mediator between the listener and the soundscape? Just as cinema (video) and painting have always done for the landscape?

At this point, armed with a few answers, perhaps, we are wondering just where we want this reaction to take us. How do we want to modify the environment we have explored through a new acoustic awareness? And for the moment, the answer is: we want a “Home” worthy of its name.

The concert is still based on the idea of drifting as an artistic practice, an exploratory experiential path through the metropolis or other parts of the world, but the drifting now leads “home”, prompting reflection on just what the idea of “home” means to us.

“Drifting Home”: a “dérive” that leads homeward, but also a home that is drifting, or drifting as a state of being at home.

The three video contributions divide the concert into three separate interpretations of this concept.
The video segments are divided from one another by intervals to make each section very clear.

Janene Higgins explores the forms of architecture and their relationship to the forms of the human body: the body as a “drifting home”, architecture as an immobile body. (In fact in Italian real estate is called “Immobili”)

Armin Linke drifts through the world omnivorously recording everything. The entire world as home, from the Ganges to the favelas of Brazil, a mosque in Tehran, a nightclub in Lagos. For the new concert he is preparing a video of the favelas with Paola Di Bello.

Luca Pancrazzi reconstructs the world inside his home-studio, making intricately detailed models out of transistors and tiny industrial refuse, which become videos of placeless cityscapes, highways, paths, voyages, discovering landscape in furniture and other domestic objects.