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Jan 9/10 - Sound Fetish piece played almost entirely (45 min) on Radio Classica, Milan.

Jan 12 - Technical Breakdown Copenhagen project with Steve's piece on Resonance FM (cool new London art radio) http://www.resonancefm.com/

Jan 18 - Fujiwara fashion gig with quartet (Sato, Piccolo, Massaron, Falascone), including 45 rpm vinyl, Milan.

Feb 5-6 - vocals on recording sessions in Rome for the Fingerprints Snakefinger tribute album featuring musicians from Neo, Splatterpink, Squartet and other projects.

Feb 8 - lecture at NABA Milan during symposium on Transmodal research.

Feb 25 - Steve and Gak do Ter et Bantine fashion show, Milan.

Mar 15 - release of new Gak Sato CD "Informed Consent" on Temposphere Records, with several pieces co-written (and performed) by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato. Available at iTunes.

Mar 27 - May 15 - sound guides for People's Choice, Isola Art Center, Milan guides

Mar 28 - Jakattak (Tony Light, Xabier Iriondo, Gak Sato, Steve Piccolo) at Esterni show "Arte Momentanea", ex magazzini di Porta Genova, Milan, hands-on listening (permanent sound check)

April 7-14 - Steve and Gak artists-in-residence at Turchin Arts Center, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.

April 8 onward - installation Infrastructure Hotel by DE-ABC at Kettle's Yard Gallery, Cambridge, England.

April 14 - soundtrack by Steve and Gak for "No Matter Where / 'Sdim Ots Ble", dance performance at Trinity College, Dawns Dyfed production, Carmarthenshire, Wales, directed by Solveig Frykman-Lloyd.

April 15 - release of new CD "Breaking News" by Simone Massaron, on Long Song Records. Featuring Elliott Sharp, Tiziano Tononi, Daniele Cavallanti, Steve Piccolo.

April 27 - sound performance with project presentation by Wurmkos at O'Artoteca gallery, Milan (Steve and Gak)

April 28 - Simone Massaron, Elliott Sharp, Daniele Cavallanti, Tiziano Tononi and Steve at Gheroarté, Milan, premiere of the new CD Breaking News with the same line-up. Special guest Nels Kline.

May 4 - Steve and Gak in performance for Nathalie Du Pasquier show, Assab One, Milan.

May 11-14 - CONTACT - very local radio of an apartment house, Il Cairo, with Sitart. See RadioCairo project in the art section on this site. Prepared with NABA students. Cool neighborhood art event involving all the residents of a big courtyard building.

May 17 - Presentation of People's Choice Audio Guides done with young artists from NABA in the special NABA event at Isola Art Center, Milan, 6 PM. Show stays open for a couple of weeks.

May 18 - Jakattak in concert at CS Garibaldi, Milan for Trok. Another fun outing with Xabier Iriondo, Tony Light, Simone Massaron, Gak Sato.

May 23 - magazzenobis radio show bologna, radiophonic karaoke on surveillance, realtime audio production by Gak and Steve. On the air on thirty radio stations in Italy and Europe at different times over the next couple of weeks.

June 1 - Steve accompanies Ramuntcho Matta at A+M bookshop, Milan, 6.30 pm.

June 10 - Isola Forum festival, via Confalonieri, Milan, Jakattak (Xabier Iriondo and Steve Piccolo) live in the doomed park beside Isola Art Center.

June 22-25 - Itinerario Festival, Cesena, Italy (www.itinerariofestival.it). Big concert Sunday with Aidoru and Mariposa (Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato, using sounds from the days of the festival). Day-to-day sound work in the evenings at the supine outdoor cinema (lie-in?) and posted on Festival webpage. This project really managed to get its tentacles into a city, causing discussion on the subject of local traditions whose origins are no longer known to almost anyone.

July 5 - Special event for end of course in Bergamo... only voices. Great spoken chorus experiments.

July 5-7 - Music by Steve in Spazio Tendenza at Pitti Filati, Florence. Keeping a hand in the fashion stuff.

July 29 - Viareggio, Palazzo Paolina, opening of exhibition Mirabilia Maris, "La Mappa Errata" with Steve Piccolo, Gak Sato and Walter Prati, video by Francesco Pedrini. Cool exhibition but think twice about visiting this town during summer crunch (absolute world's record for population density, in all senses of the latter term).

August 25/26 - Ancona, Acusmatiq Festival, Steve with Matteo Pennese, Walter Prati, Massimo Falascone, and sets by Paolo Bragaglia, Martin Brandlmayr (cool drum-vibes set w/ computer), Giuseppe Ielasi. At the Lazzaretto, Mole Vanvitelliana, organized by Arci Ancona. Good sound, nice space, attentive audience.

August 27 - in a piazza in Itri with Fingerprints (Snakefinger Project). Steve on vocals with group composed of elements from Neo and Jazzcore/Squartet. Turns out Itri is just 12 km from Gaeta, birthplace of Steve's grandfather. Town feels remote, but Emiliano organizes some pretty radical listening experiences for an enthusiastic local audience.

September 5 - Monticello Golf near Como - La Mappa Errata (Steve, Walter Prati, Gak Sato). Country club culture. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. Our reward for keeping a straight face: suitable for framing, the newsletter of the club reports "this innovative concert left the guests feeling rather perplexed". Priceless.

September 16 - Steve as special guest vocalist with Simone Massaron and Carlo Garofalo in their "Tiptoe" project at Alex Etxea, Milan.

September 19 - happening at opening of Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition at Milan Triennale. With an exceptional crew of participants, including Alessandro Belussi as the mute celebrity. Our raucous, rapid invasion of the high-society opening would, I hope, have made WM smile. It definitely scared the Milan's new celeb alderman of cul-chah, who looked about ready to dive for cover. Documentation of the event can be seen here

September 22 - Babel Festival (of Literature and Translation), Bellinzona: another Disturbance Chorus at opening in the early evening at the courtyard of the Town Hall. Morning workshop for young people (Sound Affects) at the Castle. Excellent volunteer chorus assembled on-site by organizers. Documentation here.

September 24 - Livorno Galleria Peccolo 300th show celebration! La Mappa Errata (Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato), with video by Donata C and Francesco Pedrini. A real art gallery.

September 28 - Steve writes libretto and does vocals in premiere of new composition by Elliott Sharp entitled EmPyre, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice, with soprano Donella Del Monaco and a great line-up of local musicians. For the Venice Music Biennial.

September 29 - Steve and Gak do music for Ter et Bantine fashion show, Milan.

October 1 - Coro dei disturbi / Disturbance Chorus at Milan Triennale, Sunday 11.30 am for J-M Basquiat show. In spite of the challenging acoustics of the lobby of Muzzi's beautiful Palazzo dell'Arte, our volunteer chorus turned out to be a crowd pleaser, surprisingly enough. For documentation go here.

October 26 - Gak Sato composer for "Circostanze" at Gheroarte, Milan, with Steve Piccolo and Xabier Iriondo. Documentation of the event can be seen here

October 27 - also at Gheroartè, another Disturbance Chorus, this time with a fantastic crew of volunteers from the Coro di Micene. Composition by Steve, with Gak Sato on theremin, Massimo Falascone on sax, live electronics by Donata Clovis, Steve and Gak. Documentation of the event can be seen here

October 28 - IMPROV SUMMIT: Xabier Iriondo, Steve Piccolo, Mirko Sabatini, Vincenzo Vasi
at: Sound Metak, piazzale Segrino 1, Milan, Xabier's very cool music shop meeting place. Photos to the right.
tel 02/45493391

October 31 - HORROR VACUI: Steve Piccolo, Walter Prati, Massimo Falascone, Matteo Pennese. Four electro-acoustic interpretations of a theme for Halloween: silence/void/horror/density/sound.
Teatro Comunale Camploy, Verona, first concert of the new festival "Jazz e altro".

November 18 - Waiting Room at Cra party, Stecca degli artigiani, Isola, Milan. Installation with sounds by Steve and images by Donata C. Getting ready for the Clynic. Nothing ever happens in Milan but at least now we have a place to sit and wait. If you wait long enough something will happen. Sure enough in this case it did, and we didn't have to wait very long either. Almost as soon as the room was up and running a man came down the stairs and entered. He was middle-aged and quite normally, respectably dressed. Without any hesitation he removed his suede jacket and draped it over a chair, unbuttoned collar and cuffs of a well-pressed shirt, and began to dance, alone, to the music. He perfectly interpreted all of its almost arhythmic lurches and shudders, in a way that would have seemed spastic or crazy had it not been so precisely in sync with what was happening in the room.

November 30 - presentation of special edition of catalogue by Nathalie Du Pasquier with the CD Concentrate by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato at Artbook, Milan, published by Corraini.

Dec 7-10 - ArtBasel Miami, sound by Steve with mastering by Gak in an installation by Luca Pancrazzi.

Dec 9 - Rome, Casa del Cinema, DietroleQuinte Festival of 'backstage' a/k/a 'making of' films, backstage by Donata Clovis (from the shooting of Onde by Francesco Fei) with sounds by Steve takes prize for best editing.