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Jan 29 - EXPEDITION to Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum in Genoa, with special guest Marco Tindiglia. Organized by ArciLiguria (good scene).

Feb 10 - video Twoways by Luca Pancrazzi with music by Steve and Gak (DE-ABC) in the Clip-it show at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin

February 12 - CrowdofOne big Carnival Bash organized by OppostiConcordi at Dromokart Buccinasco (Milan)

Feb 17 - video Twoways (see 10 Feb) at British School of Rome.
Feb 25 - video Twoways (see 10 Feb) at MAMA afterparty, Gay Palace, Rotterdam

Feb 26 - Steve and Gak do sound for Ter et Bantine fashion show, Milan

Mar 2 - RadioArteMobile broadcasts live from French Cultural Center, Milan, with conference on "Inhabitual" sounds. Including an inhabitual recorded lecture by Steve.

March 2 - CrowdofOne does Box Man in concert, auditorium RAI, Via Asiago, Rome.

March 3 - same show at Pirobutirro, Pistoia (canceled due to blizzard, to be rescheduled)

March 10 - broadcast of CrowdofOne Box Man concert at RAI auditorium, Rome, on RAI Radio 3 (Battiti).

April 1 - launch of the Sound Affects Forum. Over 500 responses with sound preference contributions received in one week.

April 8 - opening of Isola Art Center, Milan, with the exhibition Art-chitecture and "Isolated Fanfare", a project with Matteo Pennese (trumpet) and Diego Ruvidotti (flugelhorn).

April 13-19 Hear sounds by Steve during the "incursions" of Esterni around Milan during the Furniture Fair.

April 13-19 Sounds by Steve and Gak with video by Ilvio Gallo at the Alias stand, Milan Furniture Fair.

April - Sounds by Steve and Gak in the Alessandro Mendini show at Milan Triennale. Unfortunate incident of sounds ending up on a CD in the catalogue without our permission. The Unauthorized Earthly Paradise Bootleg. More to come on this...

April 25-May 2 New program by Steve and Gak on playlist of WPS1.

April 29 - DE-ABC performs Bibliosong, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, to complete the bookstore project by Luca Pancrazzi.

May 21 - CrowdofOne does the Box Man at Niska, Locarno.

May 26 - CrowdofOne concert including pieces from Gak's new CD at a designer club in Cusago near Milan.

May 27 - July 31 2005 - sounds by Steve among the many 'found' treasures in the A-temporary exhibition of Sergio Calatroni and Miyuki Yajima at Koishikawa Annex, University Museum, Univ. of Tokyo

May 31 - Swiss Cultural Center, Milan, "Sound Affects" concert on initial results of the Sound Affects Forum.

June 12 - Effetto Deleuze, show at Isola Art Center, with special sounds by Steve, Christian Alati and Cristian Raimondi, featuring the inimitable voice of Bruno Pizzul.

June 16-18 - NYC dates w/ Elliott Sharp, Zebulon & Issue, both in Brooklyn.
June 16 at Zebulon (great club!) with special guest Dougie Bowne: http://www.zebuloncafeconcert.com/
June 18 at the new cylinder of Issue Project Room, with special guest Jim Pugliese: http://www.issueprojectroom.org/

June 18 - special music installation by Steve and many guests at Isola Art Center for the "white night" in Milan.

June 24 - Oct 2
Houston Contemporary Arts Museum: Adrian Paci show includes the video PilgrImage with soundtrack by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato.

June 25 - CrowdofOne does the Box Man at Itinerario Festival, Cesena. Cool gig at first year of festival organized by one of our favorite Italian bands: Aidoru.

July 1 - CrowdofOne with Marco Tindiglia in Genoa, Palazzo Ducale.

July 2 - Expedition at Sant'Arcangelo Festival. Great festival (mostly theater), cool people, highly recommended!

July 7 - Sound Affects at Palazzo delle Papesse Museum of Contemporary Art, Siena. Great echoes in the old cloister-courtyard.

July 10 - webradio piece "Sound Fetish" compiled by Steve with sounds by about 50 artists living and working in Italy now up and running at WPS1 Art Radio.

July 16 Turin, Piazza San Carlo - Expedition on big construction site. Cool gig with mega production by Richi Ferrero. See http://www.richiferrero.it

July 18-22: in Berlin preparing for Jazz Fest. Intensive recordings around the city with the invaluable help of video artist Bianka Goebel.

August 24 Palermo, Kalsart Festival, Expedition at former locomotive depot. Nice spot but they cultivate a disco inferno clientele mostly interested in wiggling and giggling with commercial mainstream thump. Thump!

September 18 - recording session organized by Simone Massaron with Elliott Sharp, Daniele Cavallanti, Tiziano Tononi, Steve Piccolo.

September 25 - music for Mila Schon fashion show in Milan (Steve and Gak).

September 29 - music for Ter et Bantine fashion show in Milan (Steve and Gak).

October 6-11 - Sardegna Arte Fiera - Cagliari - Steve's first art karaoke piece (Losing Faith) in beachfront cabin installation.

October 8 - CrowdofOne performance (The Box Man recycled) at Roe Volciano for THE ART OF REUTILIZATION: IN VALLE SABBIA (BS) an exhibition of contemporary art. Luca Formentini saves the day with his monitors. Curator: Roberto Peccolo.

October 16-17 - Poetry festival in Milan for grand opening of the CASA DEI POETI at the Palazzina Liberty: with Walter Prati, Gak Sato, Massimo Falascone, Matteo Pennese and others.

October 17 - MoMA New York: screening of videos by Adrian Paci, including PilgrImage with soundtrack by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato.

October 29 - Benefit in Bologna for Assoc. Margherita (health care for kids in Brazil) with Steve Piccolo and Luca Gemma, acoustic songs.

Nov 5 - BERLIN JAZZ FESTIVAL - Hidden Tracks - Steve Piccolo & Gak Sato with Walter Prati, Massimo Falascone and special guest Elliott Sharp.

Nov 17 - Steve and Gak at CS Conchetta Cox 18 Milan - Naked Lunch remix - Beat Hippy Autonomi Punk event.

Nov 22 - Steve at conference chaired by G. Dorfles and A. Caronia on the question 'shd science be taught in art schools?', at NABA Milan. Conclusion: probably. Next question: how?

Nov 26 - Jan 31 - Technical Breakdown, Copenhagen / public sound art installations organized by AUX. For more info see http://www.aux.dk

Dec 9-11 - Fact and sound finding mission to Wales to prepare "Missing Sounds" with choreographer Solveig Frykman-Lloyd.

Dec 12-13 - Exploratory probe of Kettle's Yard, Cambridge UK, to prepare DE-ABC project for 1:1 exhibition in Spring 2006.

Dec 14 - Steve interview and music on Danish Radio (DR) for Technical Breakdown AUX show. http://www.dr.dk/P2/lyttilnyt/Udsendelser/20051214122537.htm

Dec 19 - interview conducted by Ricciarda Belgiojoso at Radio Classica, Milan.