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Feb 4 - open mike at Isola Art Project 1st birthday party in Milan.
House band: Gak Sato, Massimo Falascone, Vincenzo Vasi, Steve Piccolo.
For all the info on Isola Art Project.

Feb 5 - workshop Accademia Carrara, Bergamo with Vincenzo Vasi and Mirko Sabatini.

Feb 27 - The Duellants - Base Gallery, via San Nicolo, Florence, 10 PM, see slide show of recent performance.

Mar 1 - Right Tempo event at Blue Note, Milan, featuring Gak Sato, Massimo Falascone, Steve Piccolo, Painè and the Record Maniacs, Astronaughty and the Afrodrummers.

Mar 13 - The Box Man in NY at Issue Project Room, 619 East 6th Street, NYC, Steve and Gak. Also improv with Elliott Sharp, Dougie Bowne, Eric Mingus.

Mar 26 - CrowdofOne at Libreria Acustica, Monza, via Raiberti 14.
Massimo Falascone - saxes
Steve Piccolo - vocals, bass, guitar
Gak Sato - theremin, percussion, sounds

Mar 30 - Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato, "Conversations and Duels", at presentation of the video by Gabriele Di Matteo "Voyage to the Earth", Meeting Festival, FRAC Bretagne, Le Tambour, Rennes

Apr 16 - Presentation of new El Muniria CD at Radio Popolare, Milan, live in auditorium with Emidio Clementi and Massimo Carrozzi. Steve does his track from the CD, entitled "Narrating a photograph over the phone".

Apr 18 - new event at Isola dell'Arte with performance by Ivo Bonacorsi, Gabriele Di Matteo (music by Steve and Gak for both)

April 21 - Opening of the "Just ask Mike" exhibition at Victoria College of Art, Melbourne, Australia. A joint project of the Mike sound program at VCA conducted by Jon Campbell, the sound course at Accademia Carrara of Bergamo taught by Gak and Steve, and A Constructed World. Simultaneous show of some of the work at Accademia Carrara.

May 8 - CrowdofOne concert, school auditorium via Vivaio, Milan, Steve Massimo and Gak. Pre-premiere of the piece on The Life and Times of Leon Theremin.

May 10 - Soundtrack for video by Ivo Bonacorsi Galleria CareOf, Milan.

May 15 - CrowdofOne at CS Garibaldi, Milan, special guests Neo (from Latina) link Good gig, cool place... watch for upcoming collaboration with Neo.

June 7 - RightTempoNight III at BlueNote Milan: Gak Sato leads CrowdofOne with Steve, Massimo Falascone, special guest Roberto Cecchetto on guitar. Also Paine, Rocco, others.

June 18 - workshop-concert ACCADEMIA DEI FLUTTUANTI at Bergamo Conservatory (Istituto Musicale Donizetti).

June 19 - conference in Venice (Domus Academy) with Christian Marklay, Antonio Somaini.

July 8 - at Assab Uno, Milan, DE-ABC performs TWOWAYS, for presentation of new book by Elio Grazioli.

July 10 - at the Stecca degli Artigiani, Milan. CrowdofOne Massimo Falascone and Matteo Pennese, live version in progress of TKBK CTRL sound segments.

Aug 3-28 - videos with sound by Steve in the Big Dirty Love show by A Constructed World at Uplands Gallery, Melbourne.

Sept 16 Piccolo-Sato duo for Adrian Paci at ViaFarini Milan after opening at Galleria Francesca Kaufmann.

Sept 23 Presentation new series of limited editions (including book-cd by Steve and Gak). Il Ragazzo Innocuo series contains an unpublished recipe by Cage, a Duchamp original contributed by A. Schwarz, a cool Walrus by Dario Borso, Mesostics. More to come.

Sept 29 Piccolo-Sato duo with Gerard Malanga at opening of his show at Galleria Carla Sozzani Milan.

Oct 2 Piccolo-Sato duo perform at fashion show Ter et Bantine, Mediateca Santa Teresa, Milan.

Oct 2 Live interview with Steve on RAI Stereo Notte for Expedition CD launch.

October 15-18 2004 soundtracks for Constructed World videos at Frieze Art Fair Regent's Park London.

Oct 22 Presentation of the Expedition at Radio Popolare, Milan, concert open to the public in the Auditorium Demetrio Stratos + live broadcast.

Oct 27 and 30 (midnight): live performance of two songs from EXPEDITION plus interview on MTV Italy.

Oct 29 EXPEDITION (THE DIG) returns to Cox 18 Milan, special guest Elliott Sharp.

Oct 30 Expedition at Mercati Generali, Catania, special guest Elliott Sharp.

Oct 31 Halloween: Belfagor Night in Milan produced by MMT with FullMetalCage Ensemble and guests (including Elliott Sharp).

Nov 5 - music from Expedition on All Music TV in a show called All Moda.

Nov 12 - Steve recites poetry (not by him) with Daniele Cavallanti, Tito Mangialaio and Tiziano Tononi at Castellanza.

Nov 13-14: CrowdofOne at "Percorsi di Poesia", La Rada, Locarno.

Nov 14 - Picnic 1 at Isola dell'Arte, Milan. Works from More Fools in Town, Turin, including video by A Constructed World with soundtrack by Steve.

Nov 19 - acoustic live presentation CD at Riot Store, Milan.

Nov 20 - CrowdofOne in Milan for film and music fest "Senza Parole". Music for three silent films with Laurel and Hardy.

EXPEDITION (The Dig) Italian tour (Steve Piccolo, Luca Gemma, Gak Sato)
Dec 4 - Bari, Agorà - nice place
Dec 7 - Naples TAM - small theater with cabaret stage, very good atmosphere
Dec 8 - Salerno, Pia Casa, Comunicativo Festival - cool set-up in a boomy vaulted space, excellent programming
Dec 9 - Rome Locanda Atlantide - nice club but troublesome sound system, be prepared!
Dec 10 - Brescia Freemuzik - great club, great sound and stage, we like this place!

Dec 15 - Rome, Rai Radio Uno, Musica Village Live at 13.30 pm