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13 Jan 07 - 8-bit Collective at SoundMetak with NRGiga, Tonylight, Gak Sato, Steve P. Check out the 8-bit interview feature in the January issue of InSound, which I'll probably put up somewhere on this site in English.

19 Jan 07 - Steve and Donata (credited as 'Soundforum'... interesting how a word selected just to make an email address is becoming a sort of institution!) participate with poster in the Plausible Artworlds initiative of Basekamp, produced by ICA in Philadelphia. Find out more at http://plausibleartworlds.org/

30 Jan 07 - A Constructed World hits Milan for a show that happens in a gallery (N.O.) and in four apartments around town. Steve and Gak play at one of the events on the 30th, a tuning fork piece with Pea and Shell video by Constructed World.

1 Feb 07 - same Constructed World video shown at N.O. Gallery in Milan, with different soundtrack by Steve and Gak.

Jan-Feb - Steve's interview on gameboy/8-bit music published in InSound. Start of regular monthly column (InAudito) in the magazine.

Feb - Steve starts curating Sound of Art pages at Undo.Net, with special consulting by Ricciarda Belgiojoso.

Feb 23 - Performance with Micene Chorus at Ter et Bantine fashion show.

Mar 1 - now on line, the official website on Giovanni Raboni (with Steve's English translations of some of his poems): http://www.giovanniraboni.it/

March-April - soundtrack of video at 2nd Moscow Biennial (with Luca Pancrazzi and Gak Sato).

Mar 28 - De(s)cant - Decantare, workshop/exhibition on games involving sound, open for one week at Hublab, with Matteo Pennese, Gak Sato, Xabier Iriondo, Walter Prati, Limiteazero, Alterazioni Video.

Mar 30 - Steve and Gak do the tuning fork thing (L'accordo) in the Cultural Kiosk by Fabiana de Barros at Mi-Art, an initiative of Art for the World.

Mar 30 at Assab One, Milan: DE-ABC for unopening of Stasi Bar. A strangely emotional evening.

April 4 at Hublab, Milan: closing concert of games workshop and exhibition with Xabier Iriondo, Walter Prati, Matteo Pennese, Limiteazero, Alterazioni Video, Steve and Gak. Big turnout, good gallery, thanks to everyone involved!

April 13-14: Cesena, Backstage Film Festival, Onde backstage by Donata Clovis with soundtrack by Steve.

April 16: SituazionIsola, Isola Art Center Milan, including sound projects by Steve with Donata Clovis and Manuel Scano, other works by Xabier Iriondo, Tomas Saraceno, Flying City, Paola Di Bello et al. The work by Piccolo-Clovis-Scano is a sound derive in the Isola neighborhood looking for all the buildings with number 13 or 17. It's called VIXI, from the anagram of the Roman numeral for XVII. VIXI means "I lived", implying not living any longer, hence the Italians' superstitious fear of the number 17 (though nobody remembers why!)

April 17: Right on schedule for VIXI, the police raid the Stecca degli Artigiani and try to close down Isola Art Center. For the moment they have not succeeded... fortunately some of the valiant crew were on hand at 6 in the morning to ask for a search warrant. The law enforcement ossifers were utterly sans papiers.

April 22: 8-bit collective at Troc, CS Torquiera, Milan. Cool outing with Xabier Iriondo, Gak Sato, Tonylight and friends, followed by a rousing set by French trigger-drummer extraordinaire Duracell.

May 10: Steve at Swiss Cultural Institute in Rome with Domenico Ferrari for Edo Bertoglio Face Addict Party... the Institute is beautiful and this first encounter with Domenico F. was a very positive one indeed.

May 11-13: InContemporanea at Milan Triennale, BuzzBox project for Assab One, project by Nathalie Du Pasquier and Steve Piccolo, produced by Elena Quarestani. Non-stop visitors to our cabin and map for three days, check out http://www.buzzbox.it to see the results.

May 16: Spazio Mudima, Milan, for exPulsi festival of improv, performance with Barbara Faessler, Filippo Armati, Steve. Title: Passi.

May 26 (and every Sunday for one month): Isola Art Center included in show at Palazzo Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Guarene, including mix by Steve of sound works presented at Isola Art Center.

June 2 - July 26: sounds by Steve on videos by A Constructed World at ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), Melbourne, Australia.

June 4: workshop at Milan Polytechnic Piacenza campus.

June 8: theater piece at PIM spazio scenico, Milan, Esito Infausto directed by Donata Clovis with music by Gak and Steve.

June 10-19: residence at SoundRes, Lecce. Interview sound piece and concert.

June 20: Sguardi Sonori, Auditorium di Roma, Steve and Gak present the new piece Unreliable Sources.

June 21: Siena, Palazzo delle Papesse, Steve and Gak perform Unreliable Sources.

June 23: Esito Infausto by Donata Clovis at I-Net interactivity festival, Conservatorio Como, music by Steve.

June 26-27: Sguardi Sonori, Isola di San Servolo, Venice, Steve and Gak in concert doing Unreliable Sources.

June 28 - July 1: rehearsals and performance, "Tradizione (C)orale", at Itinerario Festival, Cesena, with Steve, Gak, chorus (Coro Polifonico Malatestiano) and special guest soprano Rurie Ogata.

July 8-15: Art Shakes Politics, workshop in Messina with video lectures, Santa Lucia del Mela.

August 1: weird timing of the release of new Box Man CD (CrowdofOne) on Tracce series by Rai Trade.

August 8-15: Steve's Accident video at Experimenta arts festival, Alberobello (Puglia).

Sept - Nov: Biennial of Istanbul (opening 6-7-8 Sept until Nov), film on Isola Art Center w music by Steve and documentation of sound works, including DE-ABC.

20 Sept: presention of the CD "wurmkos in concert" with live recording of performance by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato at O'Artoteca, Milan, in 2005. Also with a fine track by Filippo Monico.

29 Sept: video by Steve at Galleria BLUORG, Bari, for EXPERIMENTA ARTE 2007.

2-6 Oct: Cersaie fair in Bologna, piece by Steve in show of tiles (Gabbianelli, 100E+)designed to benefit the school at Sergio Calatroni's research center on anonymous design in Morocco.

12 Oct: Steve and Gak perform "Unreliable Sources" at The Stone, New York City.

3 Nov: Steve on live feed from Rome for Performa Festival, Sculpture Center, LIC New York, in performance by Cesare Pietroiusti, Giancarlo Norese, Emilio Fantin, Luigi Negro, also with a contribution by Joan Jonas.

9-17 Nov: Tobacco Warehouse, Istanbul, sounds by Steve in installation by Francesco Monico at A-M-B-E-R '07 Body Process Art Festival.

28 Nov: workshop at Accademia Carrara with Dan Donadel and students from the fine arts academy of Grenoble.

29 Nov: presentation of Face Addict DVD by Edo Bertoglio at Shake Editions in Milan.

30 Nov: sounds by Steve on video by Francesco Fei at BaseB, Milan.

15 Dec: 30th birthday Radio Popolare Milan Conservatory 9 pm, a tribute to Enzo Jannacci. Steve does solo reworking of a Jannacci song and scares most of the audience.