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Building the Museum
dal 20/4/2010 al 20/4/2010

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Building the Museum

MMK - Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt

A talk with David Adjaye & Tobias Rehberger, moderated by Nikolaus Hirsch

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The MMK Talks on 'Museum Production' aim to reflect and critically assess the typology of the contemporary museum and its production methods ranging from the construction of the physical infrastructure, to distribution, knowledge, art history, and performance. Museum architect David Adjaye and artist Tobias Rehberger negotiate the diverse role models in the physical production of the contemporary museum: Who builds what? Is the traditional distribution of labor still a functioning one, or are architects increasingly making art - and, likewise, artists making architecture?

William Forsythe
dal 15/10/2015 al 30/1/2016

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