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Thinking performance
dal 16/6/2010 al 17/6/2010
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Thinking performance

Guggenheim Museum, New York

'Mirror Piece I: Reconfigured' by Joan Jonas and Symposium with artists, curators, and theorists

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Six years after the groundbreaking (Re)Presenting Performance symposium was held at the Guggenheim, artists, curators, and theorists gather for a two-day program to discuss issues manifested in recent performance-based work at the museum. Referencing site specificity, live action, the place of memory, and the role of the document, focused presentations provide an opportunity to think deeply about specific practices in contemporary art. Thursday June 17 h 8pm, as part of the symposium, Joan Jonas will re-present her seminal 1969 performance Mirror Piece I, newly expanded specifically for the Guggenheim's Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda. Friday June 18, 2pm: Symposium with Marina Abramovic, Claire Bishop, Jennifer Blessing, Chrissie Iles, Joan Jonas, Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Susan Philipsz, Rebecca Schneider, Nancy Spector, and Nat Trotman.

Alberto Burri
dal 7/10/2015 al 5/1/2016

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