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Symposium for Emerging Scholars
dal 4/1/2011 al 4/1/2011
1 pm
212 4233587
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Betsy Ennis

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Symposium for Emerging Scholars

Guggenheim Museum, New York

Is Returning to the Past Modern?

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In the spirit of Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918-1936, the Sackler Center for Arts Education sponsors a symposium showcasing emerging scholars, moderated by Kenneth E. Silver, guest curator and Professor of Modern Art, New York University, and Vivien Greene, Guggenheim Curator of 19th- and Early 20th-Century Art. Through new research, this series of focused presentations grapples with the long-standing question of whether artists and architects working between the wars (1918-1945) and across international regions can look to the past for inspiration, and still be considered modern. To add your name: Free.

Alberto Burri
dal 7/10/2015 al 5/1/2016

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