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Kristie MacDonald

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Videoart Yearbook


Paolo Granata

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Vtape, Toronto

Archetypes in Contemporary Italian Video Art. Video screening and short lecture by Paolo Granata.

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The evolution of moving images has been influenced by a complex group of factors, particularly the development of increasingly sophisticated techniques for video manipulation. This has brought about the need for a systematic rethinking of the influences on forms of experimentation in contemporary art. In his lecture 'Video-type': Archetypes in Contemporary Italian Video Art, Paolo Granata will endeavor to unpack this phenomenon through a discussion of the project 'Videoart Yearbook' sponsored by the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Bologna. Since 2006, the Video Art Yearbook project has curated an annual programme of Italy's newest and most innovative video art. Granata will screen select videos from 2006-2010, providing a concise summary of recent work and introducing some of Italy's most active artists. Through this project and his research at large, which focuses on the intersections of art, aesthetics and new media, Granata explores video art as an archetype of contemporary visual culture.

Jorge Lozano
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