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Going Public - Telling it as it is?

Different Venues, Bilbao

A three-day symposium

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From the initiative of ENPAP it is being organized a symposium from 22 to March 24, 2012 in various locations across the Basque Autonomous Community (mainly Bilbao). Going Public - Telling it as it is? is a three-day symposium aimed at exploring storytelling as a mode for the production and reception of public art. It features a series of different artists that participate in lecture performances and artist commissions spread throughout the city of Bilbao and local media. It is also accompanied by a closed network meeting in Vitoria-Gasteiz that draws together selected professionals (artists, curators, producers,...) in the field to debate the future of the network ENPAP. "Going Public - Telling it as it is?": Martha Rosler (USA), Phil Collins (UK), Alex Reynolds (UK/ES), Itziar Barrio (ES/USA), Maria Ruido (ES), Olof Olsson (SE), Falke Pisano (NL) & Francesco Pedraglio (IT), Asier Mendizabal (ES), Asli Cavusoglu (TR), Goldin + Senneby (SE), Patricia Esquivias (ES/VE), Jeleton (ES), OJO (USA), Institut Fatima (DE/ES), Begona+La Jawara Djs (ES).

Going Public - Telling it as it is?
dal 21/3/2012 al 23/3/2012

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