40 locations throughout Europe

dal 19/1/2013 al 19/1/2013
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40 locations throughout Europe,

The fourth edition of the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture. Over 40 hosts in 13 countries invite sculpture enthusiasts to meet - in person and virtually through video-live stream. Celebrating three-dimensional art is the European event's main focus.

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40 locations throughout Europe open their doors on Sunday, 20 January 2013 at 11 AM (GMT), for this year's Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture.

Network with artists, collectors, art professionals and friends of the arts, while seeing, discussing and enjoying art. Check out each venues' personalised program.

Artist studios, galleries, private collectors, art centres, foundries, etc. will be connected via live video streaming, to bring the European sculpture community together.

The fourth edition of New Year’s Brunch takes place on the 20th of January 2013, at 11 AM (CET). Celebrating three-dimensional art is the European event’s main focus. Art studios, galleries, private collectors, cultural institutions, art academies, foundries etc. welcome guests to enjoy sculpture, in an open networking opportunity.

nyb’13 will be hosted in Austria, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Each venue carries out a personalised program ranging from “meet the artists”, lectures, discussions, guided tours, studio visits, public casting and much more – in addition to toasting the New Year.

Venues will connect via video-live stream, at 11:00 (CET) creating one huge European gathering around sculpture. From local to international and beyond spatial boundaries, sculpture network’s links become tangible.

As in former years, the event is organised by the non-profit European association sculpture network. Initiated in 2004 in Germany, with the aim of enhancing public perception and acceptance of three-dimensional art, while encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue, the organisation currently has, approximately, 1000 members, in 43 countries. Members include artists, art professionals, art organisations, collectors and friends of the arts.

Further information, press photographs and a detailed list of all nyb’13 venues and their programs, can be found on our website www.sculpture-network.org

We cordially invite you to attend a New Year’s Brunch near you, and would greatly appreciate the event’s mention in your media.

Press contact:
Isabelle Henn Tel.: +49 8157 9979016 isabelle.henn@sculpture-network.org

20th of January 2013, at 11 AM

Sculpture network
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dal 19/1/2013 al 19/1/2013

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