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Sound Art in a Limo

Pier 94 - Pier 92, New York

Historical and current sound art by many different artists will be heard. 24 different spaces will be created over the 3 days. Sound art from the Tellus archives/ Harvestworks, Art Issues' Sound Poems; curated by Holly Crawford.

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A white stretch limo
The limo is back! An experimental white box for sound art! Rest your eyes. Open your ears. Listen to art!

Artists: Louise Lawler, John Baldessari, Nic Collins, Richard Kostelanetz, Lynne Tillman, Kiko Smith, David Linton, Paul Bowles, Eleanor Antin, Judy Fiskin, Mike Kelley, Martin Kersels, Jim Shaw, Alexis Smith, Jeffery Vallance, Doug Harvey, Joe Scanlan, Pia Lindman, Richard Humann and China Blue, Orlan and Tanger, Jane Philbrick, Linda Post, Clemens Weiss and many others.

Refreshments and conversations are also on the menu.

In the darkness of February a limo will zip around Manhattan for a half hour and passengers will be transported by sound art. Historical and current sound art by many different artists will be heard. 24 different spaces will be created over the 3 days.

AC Institute’s Sound Art in a Limo is curated by Holly Crawford.
Sound art from the Tellus archives/ Harvestworks; Art Issues’ Sound Poems project by Gary Kornblau and Doug Harvey and many other artists.

AUDIOMOBILE is a project for mapping cities with sound. AUDIOMOBILE inhabites the Artist Run Limousine (ARL) which is owned and operated by the Artist Run Limousine Collective. AUDIOMOBILE invites exploration of "sonic maps" by physically riding in a multi passenger vehicle which is equipped with surround-sound and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

Individual audio elements are triggered by matching the output coordinates of the onboard GPS with the geographical location of the vehicle in the city as it glides through various urban scenarios. As a result, an array of audio samples, sound clips collaged with looping ambiences and complete narratives, generate an everchanging audio "city scape" projected into the vehicle. The position of the vehicle determines which sounds are being played and from which direction (loudspeaker) they originate.

Last year was Critical Conversations in a Limo video is now available on Google.

Holly Crawford, Curator
AC Institute
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AC 7 East 8th Street, # 361 New York, NY 10003

Pier 94, Amory Art Fair, Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street New York, front of the entrance
When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, February 23, 24, 25 starting at 3 pm and ending at 7pm
Time: 20-25 minutes. Board and return to the Armory at Pier 94 on the hour and half

The Armory Show
dal 2/3/2010 al 6/3/2010

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