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Karim Rashid
dal 4/9/2002 al 5/10/2002
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Karim Rashid

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Karim Rashid

Sandra Gering Gallery, New York

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"If freedom were a form it would be a never-ending undulating boundless biomorphic shape that is in perpetual motion. Form follows Fluid."

Sandra Gering Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Karim Rashid from 5 September through 5 October 2002. Included in the exhibition will be a series of Mutablob sculptures, related digital paintings, and limited edition ceramics.

Like the design objects that Karim is famous for, the sculptural objects in his Mutablob series embody sensual minimalism and a digital aesthetic he calls 'technorganic'. Their curvaceous, biomorphic forms and luscious colors seduce the viewer. Presented as a linear series, the Mutablobs recreate the evolution of a form from an embryonic stage, a liquid plastic hermaphroditic evolution. The 30 sculptures are literally physical manifestations of still frames of a computer-generated form that grows into itself, an evolving mutation from a 3-d virtual world. At specific timed stages of the evolution of the form the data is sent to a rapid-robotic prototyping machine and each 3-d data is then built in plastic.

What seems like a viscous material grows and contorts, finally wrapping back around. The varieties of forms created in the Mutablob series also become compositional elements in four digital paintings. Each object is a one-off and the data is destroyed so the object is never repeated a concept coined by Karim in 1995 called Digital Craft, a method of using digital production methods to create one-off objects.

Karim has a great love for inspiring neoteric things. He believes that the new objects that shape our lives are transconceptual, multi-cultural hybrids, objects and spaces that can exist anywhere in different contexts, that are natural and synthetic, that are inspired through telecommunications, information and behavior.

"Our physical world can captivate the energy and phenomena of this contemporary universal softness of the digital age, the birth of new industrial processes, new materials, and new design tools. Global markets are new organic systems. I feel new culture demands new forms, new spaces, new ways of living, material and style. Denying technology is denying our present, our contemporary way of life, beauty, a belief in one's own capacity and possibility of self-being."

The limited edition ceramics bring together Karim's recognizable, contemporary sense of form and color with the traditional material of ceramic, the result being objects of extraordinary elegance and beauty. Produced one at a time by hand in Rome, they are limited editions of 9 each. As with Karim's 5 Senses ceramics previously shown at Sandra Gering Gallery in 1999, these ceramics are functional vases and also exist as purely aesthetic, sculptural objects. Karim's trademark organic forms are first glazed in black and white and then further glazed in pure gold or pure platinum. In some pieces, the interiors are painted with fluorescent, cold-worked acrylic, presenting a beautiful contrast to the gold and platinum exteriors. One of Karim's desires is to create objects (design or fine art) that bring pleasure through visual seduction; the ceramics take this to a new level, with forms, colors, and materials that are impossible to resist.

One of the best known contemporary industrial designers globally, Karim Rashid exhibits at Sandra Gering Gallery unique pieces that bridge the worlds of sculpture, art, and design. In the past several years, Karim's work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Wexner Center for the Arts, Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Cooper-Hewitt, among others. This is his third solo exhibition at Sandra Gering Gallery. Rashid's monograph I Want to Change the World was published by Universe Publishing/Rizzoli in 2001.

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