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Middle Man / Digging in a Sandbox
dal 30/6/2010 al 20/8/2010

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Middle Man / Digging in a Sandbox

Max Hans Daniel, Berlin

Two exhibitions

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Middle Man
Dan Graham, Nicolas Guagnini, John Miller

curated by
Alex Gartenfeld & Piper Marshall/ Three's Company, New York

Middle Man: A person who functions as a social and economic intermediary in the exchange between producer and retailer or consumer. The term is historically, but not necessarily, gendered. This exhibition, Middle Man, includes recent works from artists who are colleagues and collaborators; it examines the input and output of their various exchanges.

Dan Graham's photographs of interiors and suburban architecture see the artist revisiting New Jersey, the site of his Homes for America series and the locus of much of his interest in social inside- and outside-ness. Nicolas Guagnini's Neurotic series are snapshots of pairings of women that explicitly depict contemporary gender roles as produced by commerce space. Middle of The Day is John Miller's lifelong project comprising photographs taken between the hours of 12 PM and 2 PM, the traditional and legal time of lunch hour.

A catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition. Each of the artists writes about the work of another.

From 17th july:

Karma International

Digging in a Sandbox
Emanuel Rossetti & Mathis Altmann, Thomas Julier & Cédric Eisenring, Martin Soto Climent

curated by Niels Olsen

Max Hans Daniel
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Middle Man / Digging in a Sandbox
dal 30/6/2010 al 20/8/2010

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