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Musee de l'Hopital Notre-Dame a la Rose, Lessines

The third and final part of the exhibition presents a selection of artists whose work interacts with the various rooms of the Museum dedicated to medicine and the conventual life of women. For two years the museum will host an evolving show called "From Ambroise Pare' to Louis Pasteur", a large cabinet of scientific curiosities.

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The artists: Marina Abramović, Iván Argote, Alain Bornain, David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin, Laurence Dervaux, Frédéric Fourdinier, Regina José Galindo, Thomas Lerooy, Teresa Margolles, Hans Op De Beeck, Gina Pane, Fabrice Samyn, Yvonne Trapp, Rémy Zaugg, Marie Zolamian

Curated by Nancy Casielles

This exhibition marks the third and final part of the triptych of exhibitions organised at the Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose by the B.P.S.22 space for contemporary creation of the Hainaut Province in Charleroi, Belgium. The show presents a selection of artists whose work interacts with the various rooms of the Museum dedicated to medicine and the conventual life of women. ​

Entitled “Addenda” – plural of addendum – the exhibition is defined as so many additional notes to the historical pieces of this unique heritage site. The contemporary interventions, several of which were specifically designed for the show, highlight the many questions raised by the Museum.

The exhibition approaches the gender issue from an ethical and scientific perspective; Christian glorified suffering and its contemporary relevance; the body/mind opposition, flesh and the intellect; the often weak will to repair in the face of an inexorable death; the memory of the dead and, by extension, that of matter; notions of charity; hygiene; etc.

Thus conceptualized, these works are so many reflective notes to meditate and explore…


From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur
The Hospital Notre-Dame à la Rose will host an evolving exhibition called “From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur – A large cabinet of scientific curiosities” for a period of two years.

This exhibition, set up by a couple of passionate but anonymous collectors, is displayed amongst the permanent collections.

There are more than 200 objects, illustrating the remarkable evolution of medicine and pharmacy, from the 16th to the 19th century.

These objects are original, surprising and sometimes scary! They mainly reflect a period where both craftsmen and doctors were joining their knowledge to develop medical and scientific techniques. This exhibition could as well have been called “Art in the hands” because these instruments are beautiful as well as disturbing and reflect a time when the dexterity of surgeons had to equal that of the cutlery manufacturers and scientific instruments makers.

Musée de l'Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose
Place Alix de Rosoit B-7860 Lessines Belgium
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 2–6pm,
open on bank holiday Mondays

dal 13/6/2014 al 29/11/2014

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