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25 minutes
dal 1/4/2015 al 1/4/2015

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Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

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25 minutes

Kiasma, Helsinki


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25 MINUTES follows the neoliberal logic of exponentially growing value: more is more. Transposing this to the contemporary art market, we could say: the more famous, the more expensive; the more expensive the more valuable. Developed by Swiss artists Martin Schick, Francois Gremaud and Viviane Pavillon, the performance is part of a larger concept, X MINUTES, in which an undefined number of individual performances are named by their duration. Each performance in the series is five minutes longer than the performance in the previous venue. 25 MINUTES is an international visiting performance purchased for Kiasma at an auction in Paris. Thu 2 April at 4 pm. Tickets 15/10 euro, includes admission to exhibition. The performance is multilingual.

25 minutes
dal 1/4/2015 al 1/4/2015

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