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Giuseppe Penone
dal 23/9/2015 al 2/1/2016

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Giuseppe Penone

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Giuseppe Penone

Musee cantonal des Beaux-Arts MCBA, Lausanne

Regards croises. For this exhibition, drawing is our point of departure, with the sculptures appearing only in counterpoint. The exhibition comprises close to 100 of Penone's drawings dating from 1967 to 2006; 13 works by other artists.

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The Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, is presenting French-spea-king Switzerland’s first exhibition by Giuseppe Penone (b. Garessio, Italy, 1947, lives and works in Turin). The exhibition has been prepared in close collaboration with the artist.
«The skin of the universe is mirrored on the tip of the pencil, the surface of the sculpture on the skin of the hands» Giuseppe Penone, 2002.

Every great sculptor is also a great draugh tsman – and Giuseppe Penone is living proof of this. Here the first museum exhibition by this major Arte Povera figure in French- speaking Switzerland reverses the usual practice of spotlighting Penone’s sculptures, with his preliminary drawings serving as backup.

For this exhibition drawing is our point of departure, with the sculptures appearing only in counterpoint: drawings by Penone himself, of course, but also works on paper from his personal collection, by names like Alberto Giacometti, Amadeo Modigliani, Giacomo Balla, Pierre Bonnard, Kazimir Malevich and Louis Soutter. An exchange of points of view, then, regarding different media, different creative time frames and different forms of expression. Formal likeness is a minor concern here: what these interchanges between the graphic worlds of Penone and his illustrious peers reveal are subtle elective affinities and a lesser-known, more intimate side of the Italian artist.

The exhibition comprises close to a hundred of Penone’s drawings dating from 1967 to 2006, thirteen drawings by other artists, two big Verde del bosco frottages from 1984, a selection of the famous Gesto vegetale bronzes entwined around plants, the big Spazio di luce (2008), recently shown at Versailles, and a handsome figurative sculpture from 1983 which has never been exhibited before.

The museum’s two biggest rooms are given over to the sculptures, with the other spaces – or «cabinets» – housing the drawings; the result is an alternation between the infinitely small and the infinitely large, between the idea of conceptual development and the finished work. Visual interplay, then, between drawing and sculpture, drawings by Penone and other artists, and diametrically opposite notions of drawing : as a medium for ideas and preliminary note-taking, but also as a specific, freestanding form of expression in the dual sense of the terms dessein in French and disegno in Italian.

Giuseppe Penone. Regard croisés Catalogue in French, edited by Bernard Fibicher, with essays by Giuseppe Penone, Didier Semin, Bernard Fibicher and Ruggero Penone.

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Opening reception Thursday 24 September 2015 at 6.30 pm

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Giuseppe Penone
dal 23/9/2015 al 2/1/2016

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