Wuk - Projectroom
Wahringerstrasse 56
dal 29/7/2004 al 7/8/2004
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Wuk - Projectroom, Wien

A progressive exhibition project of contemporary video art.

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VIDEOTHEKA is a progressive exhibition project of contemporary video art, presenting collectives in witch the artists have the possibility to not only show one representative work, but additionally give a synopsis on there latest or most significant productions.
The basic on witch VIDEOTHEKA is build is the research of the different methods that artists perceive, within the medium, to express there individual ideas.
Widescreens are presenting a video of each artist in sequence.
Different concepts, different poetics and techniques on the same screen.
Supplementary terminals, each representing one artist, give the chance to the visitor to discover other productions of the artists seen in the collective and get a more complete impression of their artistic language.
Viewers are invited to make themselves at home, sit at the terminals, wonder around the room and select videos according to there personal preference.

VIDEOTHEKA is supposed to travel to other locations in the year 2005.

The idea behind is to create a growing archive of video works, travelling through Europe in form of a show with the goal to continuously enlarge the VIDEOTHEKA archive.

VIDEOTHEKA's first presentation includes the video works of:
Elastic group of artistic research
Peter Fuxx
Stefano Giuriati
Jan Kabisch
Franka Kastner
Anna Jeremolaewa
Michael Vogel

Parallel show: Aldo Giannotti showing 'Grand Prix'

Curated by: Aldo Giannotti, Stefano Giuriati
Project management: Jessica Wyschka
Organisation: Emanuele Guidi, Eva Waibel
VIDEOTHEKA is a production of Kforumvienna

(same address)
01.08.2004 2-5pm
Workshop Premiere Pro
By Martin Nguyen
The entrance is free for inscription

02.08.2004 7pm
Copyright in video art
· Frau Alexandra Reill (Moderator)
· Winfried Schwarz
· Herr Christoph Nebel
· Dr.Dillenz

Opening times Mo-Sa 2-9pm

30.07.2004 7pm
WUK- Projektroom
Währingerstrasse 56
1090 Vienna

dal 29/7/2004 al 7/8/2004

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