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Shanghart Group show
dal 30/11/2004 al 16/12/2004
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Helen Zhu


Wei Guangqing
Zhou Tiehai

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Shanghart Group show

ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai

The recently works by Wei Guangqing 'Made in China Series', are paying attention of the relationship and conflict of Chinese historical culture and contemporary culture. Unlike his peers who faithfully follow their own exclusive symbols or landmarks, Zhou Tiehai's symbols varied, ranging from his camel series to fake cover series

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with Wei Guangqing, Zhou Tiehai etc.

Several Group shows of the Shanghai based artists will be held at the Shanghart Gallery in Fuxing Park in winter of 2004.

Shanghart will show the recently works by Wei Guangqing--"Made in China" Series, Wei Guangqing is paying attention of the relationship and conflict of Chinese historical culture and contemporary culture. In his recently works , Wei employed the historical image resources as a visual means of expression.
"In searching for recent works, they are mostly chosen by observing the realities of China from a sociological angle with cultural memory acting as a kind of receptacle. In this way, a bizarre fatalistic connection between the images is created dramatically stating the complicated values and mental conflicts of a one dimensional personality society. The works adopt a conceptual approach to record some remnants of heroic illusion amongst a fully materialized society and at the same time tell us that in this era of abundant hedonism and consumerism, people must retain an awe toward unknown objects."

Wei Guanqing, born in 1963, graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1985. Wei Guangqing is now living and working Wuhan.

Zhou Tiehai, born in 1966, lives and works in Shanghai. His works has been shown in gallery and museum exhibitions around the world. Currently one of Zhou Tiehai's works can also be enjoyed at the Shanghai Biennale in the Shanghai Art Museum.

ShanghART Gallery, 2a Galan Rd, Fuxing Park (daily 10am-7pm)

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