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Inside Out...
dal 29/7/2005 al 27/8/2005
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Inside Out...

L2kontemporary, Los Angeles

West Coast, East Coast, East Coast and betond. Group Show

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West Coast, East Coast, East Coast and betond. Group Show

A group exhibition made up of twelve Contemporary figurative artists from around the globe share works related to privacy, obscurity, fame and misfortune. Drawings, paintings, sculpture, photo-based work and film are
included in this exhibition to reveal how the artist's imagination and talent transforms or deconstructs the figure and his surroundings in relation to their own understanding of the words "inside out". Inside Out is intended to liberate the artist whose life can often be turned upside down by life's internal or external boundaries.

Artists of Inside Out include:
Chris Mann (Chicago)
Laura Leonhard (Los Angeles)
Tyler Stallings (Los Angeles)
Burgundy (Los Angeles)
Eric Brelet (Paris)
Sean Hopp (Chicago)
Sandow Birk (Los Angeles
Elyse Pignolet (Los Angeles)
Eugene Fiore (New York)
Jane Jaquette (Los Angeles
Edward Lightner (Los Angeles)
Bourgeois Potage (Paris).

Guest curator David Early is an artist living in the Los Angeles area.

Reception: Saturday, July 30th, 7-10 pm

post industrial art for the post industrial age
990 N. Hill St. #205, Los Angeles

Tuan Phan
dal 14/9/2012 al 5/10/2012

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