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Tetsuji Aono
dal 5/1/2007 al 2/2/2007

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Tetsuji Aono

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Tetsuji Aono

L2kontemporary, Los Angeles

Solo show

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Solo show

L2kontemporary opens 2007 with the first s from LA artist Tetsuji Aono in almost four years!

The installation will incorporate sounds, lights, and mixed-media objects d'art. This creates a materialistic view of wedding rituals among an illogical ceremonial format, paralleling a wedding chapel and banquet. The work is constructed with craft and anti-craft materials: ceramics, beads + metals, and ready made/commercially made (mostly plastic) objects such as laserdiscs, headphones, dish racks, baskets, plungers and garden fences, displaying a peculiar, childish, and playful scene that deconstructs these objects' functional essence.

Tetsuji Aono’s goal is to present a visual and aural satire that examines and shares a strong "funny" feeling toward weddings: people get so serious about "it" and spend a lot of money and plan and talk, talk, talk, about "it" and in the end the artist sees little if any value in "it," except to create a panic about gifts, money, and invitations.

990 N. Hill St. #205 - Los Angeles

Tuan Phan
dal 14/9/2012 al 5/10/2012

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